26 of the Coolest Looking Japanese Cars

Japanese cars are known more for their function over form, but we think there are some cracking good looking Japanese cars out there. We’ve made a list of 26 in no particular order. Which one is your favourite? Toyota 2000GTĀ  Seeing as this list is in no particular order, we thought we may as well … Read more

Toyota Supra vs Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Exhaust Notes & Acceleration!

The Toyota Supra and Nissan R34 GT-R are two of the most admired and famous Japanese cars ever produced. So, what could be better than a battle of exhaust note and acceleration sounds of some of the most insane ones out there. Take a look at the comparison video Car vs Car has produced and … Read more

Eight Cars Powered By The Mighty Nissan RB Engine

Nissan Skyline R31 The R31 Skyline series was the first generation of cars to use the RB-series of engines. Nissan’s GTS-R R31 was the ultimate version of the car and it featured a RB20DET-R engine. Just over 800 units were produced to allow for homologation in the Group A Touring car series. The GTS-R was … Read more