26 of the Coolest Looking Japanese Cars

Japanese cars are known more for their function over form, but we think there are some cracking good looking Japanese cars out there. We’ve made a list of 26 in no particular order. Which one is your favourite? Toyota 2000GTĀ  Seeing as this list is in no particular order, we thought we may as well … Read more

Epic R32 Nissan GT-R!

The Skyline was infamous in Japan and became the ultimate dream for car tuners and enthusiasts alike . The Skyline has been illegal in the United States until recently where you can now register them by importing from Japan or other neighboring countries. This particular R32 is owned by Lerry Liu who is an avid … Read more

Eight Cars Powered By The Mighty Nissan RB Engine

Nissan Skyline R31 The R31 Skyline series was the first generation of cars to use the RB-series of engines. Nissan’s GTS-R R31 was the ultimate version of the car and it featured a RB20DET-R engine. Just over 800 units were produced to allow for homologation in the Group A Touring car series. The GTS-R was … Read more