The Two Greatest Nissan Skyline GT-Rs Ever Produced

  The Nissan GT-R is one of the greatest series of motor cars ever produced. We’ve put together all the information you need to know about the two greatest Nissan GT-R’s of all time! Nissan R33 GT-R Nismo 400R Nismo launched a special edition of the R33 on the 3 November 1997 called the 400R. … Read more

26 of the Coolest Looking Japanese Cars

Japanese cars are known more for their function over form, but we think there are some cracking good looking Japanese cars out there. We’ve made a list of 26 in no particular order. Which one is your favourite? Toyota 2000GT  Seeing as this list is in no particular order, we thought we may as well … Read more

The Greatest Race Car Drivers of All Time

Motorsport fans are a passionate bunch, as with any sport the fans have their favourite players, or in this case drivers. Whether it’s Formula One or Rallying, drivers in all disciplines and classes deserve to be recognized for what they have achieved. We’ve created a list of our favourite drivers in no particular order, because … Read more

Five Best Ferraris of All Time

Ferrari F40 In many ways, the Ferrari F40 was the last true stripped out, balls-to-the-wall Ferrari with no other purpose than pulling as many g as possible and soiling your pants. With the weight of a hatchback (around 1100kg) and that beautiful 484 hp 2.9-litre twin turbo V8 engine, the F40 was ferociously fast. It … Read more

25 Years Since the McLaren F1 Passed 240mph, Here’s How it Happened

McLaren’s F1 hypercar is one of the most iconic motor vehicles of all time and was arguably the most groundbreaking car built at the time. It’s 25 years since it was born and McLaren have created a tribute to the former fastest production car. The video details how the F1 set the top speed record … Read more

Most Iconic British Comedy Cars

British comedy created not only some of TV’s most memorable characters, but it also produced some of the most iconic cars ever to grace the box. We’ve made a list of our favourite ones, check them out below. Only Fools and Horses – Del Boy’s Reliant Regal (Reliant Robin) Whether it was transporting hooky goods … Read more

Our Favourite Six Hot Hatches of the 80’s

Everyone loves a hot hatch. There’s nothing better than a car that you can use for shopping and then take for a spin down a country road on your way back home. We have so many these days, however the eighties was really where the fun began. Here’s our top Six from the 1980’s. Peugeot … Read more