CRC Headlight Doctor Review

Depending on the car, the materials/process used to make the headlights, and where you live (i.e. weather conditions, the strength of sunlight/UV etc) you might find your headlights going “cloudy” or “foggy”. The primary cause of this is oxidation. Car headlights (for anything reasonably modern) are made from polycarbonate, which is coated with a UV-protective … Read more

Do Bluetooth FM Transmitters Work In Old Cars?

The Bluetooth FM transmitter is one of the most popular ways to add additional audio connectivity to your car. But do Bluetooth FM transmitters work in old cars? And how old is “too old” when it comes to using one of these handy devices? While even the most basic of new cars comes with Bluetooth … Read more

How Do Bluetooth Cassette Adapters Work?

how do bluetooth cassette adapters work - featured image

The humble cassette (or tape, as it is known in some parts of the world) is well and truly ancient technology these days. CDs came and blew cassettes out of the water, and then in turn the compact disk was vanquished by MP3s and other digital technology. However, the cassette still has a role to … Read more

Are Bluetooth FM Transmitters Any Good?

are bluetooth fm transmitters any good featured image

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to having an older car is the lack of audio connectivity. One popular solution is to use an FM radio transmitter that connects to your phone via Bluetooth – but are Bluetooth FM transmitters any good? In this article we take a closer look. Lack of decent … Read more

Is AUX Better Than An FM Transmitter For Audio Playback?

is aux better than fm transmitter

One of the best things about modern cars is their audio playback/connectivity capabilities. Even the cheapest of new cars will let you hook up your phone to the car to play back music and make or take calls, usually via the magic of Bluetooth. Say what you will about new cars often feeling rather soulless … Read more

Do Cassette Adapters Have Good Sound Quality?

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If you’ve got an older car and you’re struggling to find a way to play back audio through your stereo, then you might have come across a cassette adapter or tape deck adapter as an option for audio playback (perhaps you even read our guide to the best options for audio playback in older cars). … Read more