At garagedreams.net we are passionate about cars and are on a mission. We want to develop a resource that provides visitors with the best of information and advice for ‘all things automotive’. Cars today are so much more than mere conveyances that take people from A to B. They represent the cumulative experience and emotion of over a century of discovery, aesthetic design, and engineering. From the earliest steam-powered vehicles, to the emergence of electric propulsion, the motor car moves us not just physically but in our thoughts and our dreams.

Whatever your budget or area of interest we hope garagedreams.net will provide you with something worthwhile. Buying a vehicle is an exciting business but there are plenty of risks, even in the new car market. From not getting the best price to failing to understand depreciation information is king. That, of course, is amplified when looking at used cars with mechanical failure, rust, and a host of other dangers waiting for the unsuspecting purchaser.

As garagedreams.net develops we will be adding more vehicle specific buyers guides, vehicle, tool, & service reviews, and carefully classified listings. We are also in the process of revamping our 1980s publication ‘Buyer Beware’ that should be great reading for those interested in classic vehicles. The well-informed will be aware that prices for cars from motoring’s ‘halcyon days’ have exploded in recent years. Even historically modest motor cars have become much more expensive and that increases the risks associated with purchase. We want our readers to fulfil their motoring dreams and to avoid any nightmares’. Make sure to bookmark garagedreams.net and do subscribe to our newsletter for exciting updates and offers.

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