Vehicle Submission Form Explained

Our vehicle submission form is long, so we have created a bit of a guide to help explain what we want. We have also created this guide so you can gather all the information, photos, etc. required before starting the submission form. Let’s get started:


Don’t think we need to explain this one.


This will be the email that the garage dreams team and potential buyers interact with. This email will be used in the contact form on your vehicle’s listing page. It won’t be visible, but once an interested party fills out the form you will receive a message from them to this email address.

Phone Number

Fill your contact phone number with the correct country code.

Do you want your phone number visible on the listing?

As default, we do not make the phone number you provided visible on the listing page or contact form. However, if you tick yes to this question we will include it for you, so interested buyers can call you directly without having to use the contact form to message you.

Are you a dealer?

Let us know if you are a dealer or not. If you are we can include some information about your dealership on the listing. We will contact you about this.

Is the vehicle currently advertised anywhere else for sale?

Let us know if the vehicle is being sold anywhere else. We don’t have a problem if you are, but please let us know.

What make is your vehicle?

Tell us the manufacturer/brand. For example, Ford, Volvo, Toyota, etc.

What year is your vehicle?

Tell us the model year.

What model is the vehicle?

Tell us the specific model you have. For example, if you have a Subaru Impreza, let us know if it is something like a WRX STi RA or just a standard WRX.

Which country is the vehicle currently located in?

Tell us where the car is. We have viewers and potential buyers from all across the world and they want to know where the car is being sold.

Which city/town is the vehicle located in?

Let us know which city/town/area the car is in.

Photos of vehicle

Provide a good number of photos of the vehicle, so viewers can get a good look at the car. More photos will give you a higher chance of selling the vehicle at a better price. If you don’t provide enough, we will ask you to send more or we will reject the listing. The photos should show off as much of the vehicle as possible, along with any documentation that goes with it. Here are some examples of what we need.

  • Front, back and side
  • All four wheels
  • Interior shots showing the entire interior (seats, boot, etc.)
  • Engine bay
  • Service history, documentation, keys, etc.
  • Doors open

What is the VIN/Chassis Number?

Most cars came new with a 17-digit VIN, while a lot of Japanese cars come with a chassis number. Make sure you include the VIN and/or chassis number.

Photos of the VIN/Chassis Number?

We want you to include this as proof and to give potential buyers better piece of mind.

How many miles/kilometres has the vehicle travelled?

To the best of your knowledge, let us know how far the vehicle has travelled in kilometres or miles. If you provide the figure in one unit we will do the conversion for you.

How many miles/kilometres have you added during ownership?

To the best of your knowledge, let us know how far the vehicle has travelled in kilometres or miles during your ownership. This doesn’t have to be an exact figure, but try to get as close as possible.

How long have you owned the vehicle?

Let us know how long you have owned the car (2 years, 2 months, etc.).

Is the vehicle currently road legal?

Tell us if the vehicle is currently road legal in the country it is located in.

Has it every been used as a race car or for regular track days?

To the best of your knowledge, let us know if the vehicle has ever been used on track days or as a race machine. If the vehicle is currently solely a track day/race machine, let us know in the history section below.

Is the vehicle registered/titled in your name?

Tell us whether or not the vehicle is registered under your name or somebody else’s.

Describe the vehicle’s history.

Tell us in as much detail as possible about the history of the vehicle. This section can include the following sort of information:

  • Where the vehicle was sold new.
  • How many owners.
  • Whether or not it has been imported and if so from where.
  • Track day/race use
  • How you came into possession of the car
  • And much more

Describe the vehicle’s current condition and any current issues.

Let us know what sort of condition the vehicle is currently in and what (if any) issues it has. Here are a few examples of things we want explained in this section:

  • Condition of the paintwork. Are there any scratches, resprayed areas, paint chips, etc.?
  • Condition of the engine and how it runs.
  • Condition of the interior (fabric, dashboard, leaks etc.)
  • Warning lights on the dash.
  • Condition of the suspension, brakes and tyres

There is a lot more you can put in this section and these are just a few examples of what we are looking for.

Has the vehicle ever been in an accident/crash? If so, what was the severity?

It is important for potential buyers to know whether or not the vehicle you are selling was in an accident or not. Describe any accident damage/repairs the car has in the section (if you have not already in a previous section).

Has the vehicle had any bodywork or paintwork repairs /replacements?

In this section we want you to describe any work that has been done to the bodywork and/or paintwork. For example, has rust been removed and repaired at any point?

Describe any modifications to the vehicle.

Tell us about any modifications the car currently has, both minor and major. This could be anything from major engine mods to something simple like a new stereo.

Is there any rust? If so, where is it located?

We talked about bodywork and paintwork repairs above, but in this section we want to know if there are any areas that are currently suffering from rust.

When was the last service carried out and what was done?

Tell us about the vehicle’s last service and repair work.

Describe the vehicle’s service history? Is it extensive or limited?

Tell us about the vehicle’s service history. Do you have a complete service history from new or is it very limited?

Anything else we should know about the vehicle?

If you think we have missed anything that potential buyers should know about your vehicle, write it in this section.