How Do Garage Dreams Classifieds Work?

Here at Garage Dreams we want to provide a better experience for both buyers and sellers of interesting used cars.

How Do Garage Dreams Classifieds Work for Sellers?

We don’t just take any old vehicle and list it on Garage Dreams. We want sellers to provide as much information as possible in their submission. Following that, a member of our team will go over the information, photos, etc. and then make a decision on the vehicle.

If there is not enough information, we will come back to you and ask a bit more about the vehicle. For example, we may get you to explain more about the vehicle’s history and service records if they are not as detailed as we would like.

If we are happy with all the details provided, we will get onto making the listing as soon as possible (this can take up to a week). We will use the email you have provided as the main contact method in the contact form at the bottom of the listing. In the submission form we also ask you for your phone number, however, it is your decision if you want this displayed on the listing page.

When an interested person fills out the contact form on the listing page for your particular vehicle, an email will be sent to your inbox with their details and whatever message they created. We will also receive an email, however, we will not deal with the potential buyer on your half (we may in special circumstances). It is your responsibility as the seller to respond to the buyer once you have received an email from the contact submission form.

If you sell the vehicle, that’s great. However, as we simply give you the means to list and interact with potential buyers, we do not know if you have sold the vehicle. Because of this we ask you to inform us if you have sold a vehicle so we can mark it as so and remove the contact form on the page. For vehicles that do not sell, we will delist them after 60 days.

Do You Write the Listings/Classifieds?

No, we use the information you provide in the vehicle submission form to create the listing. This is why we recommend that you be as detailed as possible when answering the questions in the form. We may make some slight alterations to the grammar, layout, etc. but we will not make major changes to the text or do a complete rewrite.

Can I Change the Sale Price Once Listed?

Yes, you can. A member of our team will create and manage your listing. If you want to update the pricing (up or down), send a message to with the following:

  • Listing ID (this will be given to you when we approve and create the listing)
  • Car name and brand
  • Your name
  • New price (in the currency you want, eg. USD)

When we receive the information above, we will update the listing (this may take up to 48 hours).

Do You Offer to Sell Via Auction?

No, all of our listings feature an “Asking Price”. You tell us the price you want to advertise the vehicle at (in the currency of your choice) and we will include that in the listing. We may offer auctions in the future, but not currently.

Comments on Listing

As default, we allow visitors to the site to comment on your listing. We do moderate these comments and we recommend that you regularly check them as well as some potential buyers may ask you questions about vehicle in them.

How Do Garage Dreams Classifieds Works for Buyers

For buyers it is as simple as it gets. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the listing page for the vehicle you are interested in. This gets passed onto the seller who will hopefully contact you as soon as possible. From there it is up to you and the seller to work out a deal.

You can also comment on the listing to show your interest in the vehicle, but it is best to use the contact form. Note: we cannot guarantee a response and cannot guarantee that the vehicle has not sold. This is because we rely on the seller to inform us whether or not the vehicle has sold. If a vehicle does not sell it will be removed from our classifieds section after 60 days.