2002 Subaru Legacy Blitzen – Car #001

Vehicle Location – Christchurch, New Zealand

Listing ID – 292022

Price – NZ$25,990 (Open to International Buyers)

Mileage – 102,000 km/63,379 miles

This car is currently located in New Zealand and is being sold by jcars.co.nz – Tim, the owner of J Cars, is a true expert on all things JDM and has a great eye for finding interesting, quirky and quality imports from Japan.

You are looking at Car #1 of 147 with this example rolling off the Gunma production line on the 22nd / 2nd / 2002. It was held back with car #2 rolling off first on the 21st. Numbers are very important to Japanese including dates so 22-2-2002 would be considered very lucky. It was the only one produced that day. This car is a solid investment and possibly one of the best examples still in existence.

This Legacy has had a significant amount of money spent on it to bring it up to collectors’ status. The owner has added several features to it since it was last listed on this site (only selling due to family reasons). Notably, the car is equipped with an advanced alarm system and GPS tracking for added security.

With less than 1,000 kilometers added since its listing, its condition remains exceptional. A $3,300 investment was made for a full paint correction and the application of a premium Fireball ceramic coating on the exterior and interior, ensuring lasting protection and a remarkable finish. The headlights have also been fully restored and resealed, contributing to the vehicle’s impeccable presentation. All service records are up to date, reflecting the car’s comprehensive maintenance history.

This vehicle is available for export (shipping extra) and paid storage is available for USA collectors.

The Blitzen 2002 is the highest specification Station Wagon of the BH5 3rd Generation Legacy. Only 147 of these Revision D platform Blitzen Wagons were produced with a factory Manual Transmission.


  • Engine: EJ208DWDBE 1994cc Quad Cam Turbo rated at 280ps (206kW) / 6500rpm 343N·m @ 5,000rpm
  • Transmission: TY754VBBCA 5 Speed Manual
  • Full-time Four Wheel Drive with Viscous Limited-Slip Centre Differential (VCD-F4WD)
  • 01W Premium Red (59 produced)
  • Option Code 91 – 33.33% built
  • Trim Option 91 – Side Airbags Option
  • Trim Option 91 – McIntosh Premium Audio Option
  • Full Black Leather Interior
  • Sti Strut Brace Option
  • Sti Pedal Set Option
  • High Flow Exhaust
  • Bilstein Suspension (Fresh Full Set approx. 10000kms) Tein Adjustable suspension available off car)
  • HID Headlights
  • Driving Lights
  • 17 Inch Alloy Wheels
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Privacy Glass
  • Roof Rails
  • Luggage Protector

Current Condition & Service History

This vehicle is in exceptional condition and has relatively low kms for the age (102,000 km/63,379 miles). Its timing belt has been changed and an extensive fresh service has been carried out by M45 Automotive (One of New Zealand’s Top Subaru Technicians).

Vehicle Overview

ModelSubaru Legacy Blitzen
Located inChristchurch, New Zealand
PriceNZ$25,990 (Open to International Buyers)
Mileage103,000 km/64,000 miles
Kilometres/miles added during ownershipN/A
Length of ownershipSelling on behalf
Registered/titled in seller’s nameYes
Road legalYes
Race/track useNo
Sold by dealerYes
Export availableYes
Listing ID292022


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