Cool Cars For Sale: 2002 Subaru Legacy Blitzen

The Subaru Legacy GT is one of the best JDM wagons of all time (although various export models were available).

When I was growing up, the Legacy GT was a fairly common sight on the roads here in New Zealand. 

Subaru was the king of fast wagons in the mid-late 1990s (with perhaps only Volvo able to lay similar claim with the brilliant 850R – read our Volvo 850R buyer’s guide here).

These days, it’s probably Audi that most people think of when it comes to fast wagons, along with the likes of Mercedes’ bonkers AMG estates.

But for pure nostalgia and JDM ‘golden era’ driving pleasure you can’t go past the Subaru Legacy GT.

Of all the various iterations and versions of the Legacy GT, perhaps the most desirable is the ‘Blitzen’.

Designed in conjunction with Porsche, the Blitzen … BEN TO FINISH (2-3 sentences here)

Today’s Cool Car for Sale comes courtesy of our good friend Tim from J Cars here in NZ. Tim is the man we turn to for some of the best advice and insight on JDM cars, and he also has a knack for finding and importing excellent cars such as this 2002 Legacy Blitzen.

The Blitzen, unfortunately, is one of those great cars that got cheap enough that many of them fell into the hands of owners who weren’t willing or able to properly care for them. It’s not that uncommon to see them in tatty condition these days, which is a shame. This is JDM history worth preserving! 

By way of contrast, this appears to be a genuinely superb example – and compared to what you’d pay for a WRX of the same vintage (which might be the technically better car, but the Blitzen is almost certainly the superior daily driver) a much better deal. 

We are hoping to go and check out this car in person soon to capture some images and video … it looks superb.

Go and check out Tim’s listing here, and then if you’re going to buy it please do give us some warning so we can get the photos first! 

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