Top Ten Fastest Mitsubishi Cars of All Time

People tend to forget about Mitsubishi. The little silvery triangle has been tootling around on the roads for years, but people seem to remember the Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic much more readily. Mitsubishi never seemed to do big advertising and hence resultant minuscule Press coverage particularly well and they also produced far fewer … Read more

10 Of The Fastest Subaru Cars Ever Made

In the dim and distant past, before people started getting excited about electric cars, global warming and other such things, some cars just had… muscle. Not in the sense that a Shelby Mustang has, whose sheer raw power reduced strong men to whimpering and weakness of the knees, but in the sense that whatever pulled … Read more

10 Of The Best Hondas That Aren’t “Type Rs”

Anyone who knows Honda knows the legendary “Type R” badge. From the original Civic Type R: Through to the current variant, Honda’s Type R badge has denoted performance pedigree and prowess (read our article here on what Type R means if you are interested in exploring this further). Even the mighty NSX – read our … Read more

What Is the Best Used Convertible For The Money?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of driving a convertible car on a warm summer’s day, with the wind in your hair. Even the most mundane of cars feels special if it is a convertible in these conditions (I should know, I once had a convertible Mini as a hire care when on holiday in … Read more

The Ten Best Mazda Cars of all Time

Mazda is one of the world’s most innovative car companies. They have produced some of the best cars of all time and in 2015, Mazda was the fifteenth biggest car maker by production worldwide. The company is relentlessly consistent and unlike most other automakers, they have not really gone through a bad era of cars. … Read more

The Ten Best BMW Cars of All Time – 2020

Bayerishe Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works or BMW) is one of the most well-regarded automobile manufactures in the world. They have produced arguably some of the best performance cars ever and in 2015 they were the twelfth-largest producer of motor vehicles. BMW’s cars can be found all across the globe and you would be hard-pressed … Read more

21 Best Japanese Cars of All Time

Some of the greatest cars of all time have come out of Japan and to celebrate we have created a list of 20 of the best of them. Carry on reading below to find out what the best Japanese cars of all time are! Nissan GT-R R34 Z-Tune To start this list we thought we … Read more

Top Ten Japanese Cars Of The 1960s

Japanese businesses began building their first automobiles in the middle to late 1910s, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that Japanese cars started to show they could produce world beaters. That’s why we have created a list of the ten best Japanese cars produced in the 1960s. Read on to find out what they are. … Read more

The Fastest Japanese Cars of All Time

Japan is home to some of the most legendary performance cars ever made from the Toyota Supra to the Nissan GT-R and the Honda NSX. Many Japanese cars have triumphed in the world of motorsport and tuners have turned them into absolute monsters. To celebrate Japanese performance, we have created a list of some of … Read more