10 Interesting Facts About The McLaren F1

What is considered to many as the greatest supercar every built, the McLaren F1 was like nothing anybody had seen before. Conceived by Ron Dennis and F1 designer Gordon Murray, the car turned out to be one of the most legendary vehicles every built and is still the benchmark for many cars today. We’ve created … Read more

20 Coolest Car Brands In The World

Intro Having the coolest car on the block elevates you to a higher plain on the social ladder of life. Whether that was back in school where having a Honda Civic meant you were in the ‘cool club’, or having the latest Ferrari in the high flying, jet-setting crew. We all have our favourites, however … Read more

25 Years Since the McLaren F1 Passed 240mph, Here’s How it Happened

McLaren’s F1 hypercar is one of the most iconic motor vehicles of all time and was arguably the most groundbreaking car built at the time. It’s 25 years since it was born and McLaren have created a tribute to the former fastest production car. The video details how the F1 set the top speed record … Read more

A Brief History of McLaren

Both on and off the track, McLaren has become known as one of the premier motoring companies. They’ve been one of the most successful Formula One teams and have produced some of the fastest road going vehicles today. So where did it all start. Beginnings McLaren is a British car manufacturer that was founded by … Read more