20 Coolest Car Brands In The World


Having the coolest car on the block elevates you to a higher plain on the social ladder of life. Whether that was back in school where having a Honda Civic meant you were in the ‘cool club’, or having the latest Ferrari in the high flying, jet-setting crew. We all have our favourites, however we have complied a list of brands we think are the coolest and greatest. Because there is no thing like ‘street cred’.

Aston Martin

Need I say more. There is nothing quite like an Aston and the fact that James Bond drives one makes our cool-o-meter go off the radar. Whether it is an old DB5 or the new DB11, having a Aston Martin will almost certainly make you the ‘coolest kid on the block’.


Having a Ferrari will turn your cool factor up a extra few notches. The Ferrari brand has not only produced some of the greatest cars ever made, including the F40, 250 GTO and the LaFerrari, but it is also one of the only car manufacturers that almost everyone knows. If my mum can name the different Ferrari’s, it must be cool.


Not only are McLaren one of the most successful Formula One teams (not at the moment though), but they have also produced some of the greatest supercars ever. The McLaren F1 is considered to be the ultimate supercar to many and their latest offerings certainly turn heads as well.


If we forget the Nissan Sunny, this Japanese car manufacturer has created some of the coolest cars we’ve seen. The R35 GT-R may not have the hypercar look, but there is something so cool about a car that can dominate the track and then drive you home in comfort. They’ve also produced some other bonkers cars as well, like the R34, the Stagea and the Pulsar GTI-R.

Alfa Romeo

As Jeremy Clarkson said, “You can’t be a true petrol head until you’ve owned an Alfa”. That’s about all we have to say, go and buy one right now!


Over the years Ford has made some exceptional cars. Whether it is the iconic Mustang or a Focus RS, Ford’s catalogue is incredible. Ford is certainly one of the coolest brands out there and are deservedly on this list.


While some will scream the word “RICER” at any Honda driver, there is no denying that the Japanese manufacturer has produced some of the greatest motor cars ever created. The Honda NSX was a Ferrari beater while being significantly cheaper, the Honda Integra Type R was sublime and how could we forget the Civic. Honda produced exceptional cars while keeping reliability, something that most car companies can’t say.


There is no denying that modern Lamborghini’s are significantly better than their predecessor’s. However, while the new ones are better, we think it was the 70’s and 80’s that defined the marque. A Lamborghini is the ultimate pin-up poster car. We all wanted one as a kid and I still want one as an adult.


We still think the original M3 is the coolest car to ever come out of Germany. BMW’s formula has never really changed and we love them for it. They still make some of the best sports sedans and coupes out there. BMW also has extensive motorsport heritage as well.


burp burp… that sound as a RX-7 passes us by is one of the coolest noises any car has ever produced. While we probably won’t see a rotary powered Mazda again, the Japanese car company as made some excellent motor vehicles over the years. While we’d love to see a return of the RX series of cars, Mazda’s other offerings like the MX-5 and MPS series of cars make this brand one of the best.


Tesla is the only manufacturer on this list that solely makes electric cars. Some petrol heads may turn their noses up at electric cars, however Tesla is at the forefront of showing the world that electric cars aren’t just for eco-warriors. It also helps that the Model S is blisteringly quick.


Toyota wen’t through a bit of a boring patch for a while, however the company seems to be back on form with the 86 and upcoming MK5 Supra. The Japanese manufacturer produced some amazing cars, especially in the 90’s including the MR2, Supra, and GT-Four Celica.

Land Rover

Land Rover is the champion of the offloading and luxury SUV market. The original Land Rover is in our opinion the coolest car they’ve produced. Land Rover’s motor vehicles have been used for anything from transporting troops in war torn countries to doing the school run.


The name might be a bit of a mouthful, but Koenigsegg is certainly one of the coolest supercar manufacturers out there. The Swedish company produces some of the most insane cars that you can lay your hands on. This small manufacturer plays with the big boys and beats them.


Many people think of Subaru when you think of rallying, however the kings of the dirt are undoubtedly Lancia. Their modern cars may be absolute garbage and they were known for making rust buckets back in the day, but cars such as the Stratos, Fulvia, 037 and Delta show that the company knew what they were doing. Old Lancia’s are some of the greatest drivers cars out there and any petrol head should be a fan.


Mercedes could be linked with boring business men and politicians, however the German company is known for making some bonkers cars. The company can also be linked back to the first gasoline-powered motor car, making it the daddy of all petrol cars we see today. If that’s not cool we don’t know what is.


Porsche is one company that consistently makes some of the best cars on the road today. Along with the Mustang and the Mini, the Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic motor cars of all time. The Porsche 918 shows that electric power and petrol power don’t have to be used for eco-boxes, but can be used to create absolute screamers.

Porsche 944 S2


Enzo Ferrari said the E-Type was “The most beautiful car ever made”. That’s about all we need to say for Jaguar.


Maserati’s motor cars may not be the best performing vehicles in their respective categories, however they are certainly the coolest. They look fantastic, sound fantastic and have that Italian flare that makes them more of a work of art then a car.


Any company crazy enough to produce a car like the Viper instantly goes in our cool books. Who doesn’t want a a sports car with a 8.4-litre V10 engine from the gods. The company was even crazy enough to slap this engine in a pickup truck, the Dodge Ram. The Dodge Viper is undoubtedly the coolest car to come out of the states, simple because it is so ludicrous.




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