What Does MX-5 Stand For?

The Mazda MX-5 (or ‘Miata’ as it is known to our North American readers) is the most popular sports car of all time – and for good reason. Combining a winning formula of good looks, great handling, and top-down fun, the MX-5 is a true icon. But what does MX-5 stand for? In this short … Read more

Can “Boring” Cars Be Classics?

What do you think of when you hear the word “classic car?” Your mind probably wanders to exotic Ferraris, barn-find Mustangs, or even JDM legends like the MK4 Toyota Supra or Nissan Skyline GT-R. But what about something a bit more ordinary? Can “boring” cars be classics? While the MK4 Toyota Supra, for example, is … Read more

How Often Should You Drive A Classic Car?

Classic car ownership can be a highly rewarding experience – that’s why we started this website, after all. While modern cars are undoubtedly better-than-ever in terms of features, safety, creature comforts, and performance, there is a certain je ne sais quoi about classic cars that makes them all the more appealing in this digital age. … Read more

What Does MR2 Stand For?

The Toyota MR2 is one of the best sports cars ever to come from Japan. Across three distinct generations, the MR2 was Toyota’s take on the pint-sized, affordable, mid-engined sports car. We’ve written a number of different articles in the past about the Toyota MR2 (particularly a series of in-depth buyer’s guides for the AW11, … Read more

Why Do Luxury Cars Depreciate So Fast?

It’s no small secret that luxury cars depreciate faster than “normal” cars. While every car depreciates (or at least that has historically been the case – the supply constraints imposed by Covid, along with additional liquidity being pumped into global economies, have resulted in some cars like the Honda Civic Type R holding their value … Read more

Used VW Touareg Reliability – My Experience

NB: This article was published a while back, but there were repeated issues with getting it to display correctly so I have republished. Apologies if you have already read it!  Few things in life are as tempting as the idea of scoring yourself a used luxury car at a massive discount to the original purchase … Read more

Are All Toyotas Made In Japan?

When it comes to Japanese cars, there is perhaps no brand more legendary than Toyota. Across the lineup, no other name in the automotive industry conjures up such strong connotations of reliability and dependability. If you ask the average person on the street what the most reliable brand of car is, they will almost certainly … Read more

Are All Subarus AWD?

Subaru has never been the biggest Japanese car manufacturer in terms of the volume of vehicles produced or sold. However, over the years Subaru has built up a legion of loyal followers – especially in countries and locations with challenging winter climates and road conditions. For example, here in NZ where the Garage Dreams editorial … Read more

Is The Nissan 350Z A Reliable Car?

The Nissan 350Z is one of the most popular Japanese sports cars of the past couple of decades. Owing to decent affordability when new and high production numbers, you still see lots of 350Zs on the road (or in some markets you might see the JDM version – the Fairlady Z). In some respects, this … Read more