Introducing A Garage Dreams “Side Project’ – i30N Owner

Over time, we have shifted the focus of Garage Dreams to primarily be about JDM cars. We are building up our database of JDM car buyer’s guides, facts/FAQs, model histories and more.

However, we also have an interest in other types of cars. And, in fact, one of our editors has not long ago purchased a Hyundai i30N (if you’re reading from the United States, this is basically like a Hyundai Veloster N but in a different body).

As such, we have spun off a new ‘side hustle’ site called i30N Owner that aims to share advice and insights on the Hyundai i30N and “N Cars” in general.

Go and check out i30N Owner here if you’re interested. 


  • Sam

    Sam focuses mainly on researching and writing the growing database of Car Facts articles on Garage Dreams, as well as creating interesting list content. He is particularly enthusiastic about JDM cars, although has also owned numerous European vehicles in the past. Currently drives a 3rd generation Suzuki Swift Sport, and a Volkswagen Touareg (mainly kept for taking his border collie out to the hills to go walking)

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