Toyota Considering Spinning Off ‘Crown’ To Be Its Own Luxury Brand

The Toyota Crown, a name synonymous with reliability and comfort within the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), is stepping into a new era. Toyota, a brand known for its dependable and practical vehicles, is now positioning the Crown in the ultra-luxury segment and considering making the badge its own marque, marking a significant shift in its market strategy.

The History of the Toyota Crown

Introduced in 1955, the Toyota Crown has been a cornerstone in Toyota’s lineup, particularly in Japan. It holds the distinction of being the first Toyota vehicle to be exported to the United States, indicating its early global appeal. Over the years, the Crown has undergone several transformations, evolving from a utilitarian sedan to a vehicle that now aligns with luxury standards.

The Crown’s JDM Influence and Global Expansion

In Japan, the Crown is known for its durability and comfort, mirroring the country’s focus on quality and precision. Its popularity in Japan is a testament to its ability to meet the high expectations of Japanese consumers for quality automobiles. As Toyota looks to expand the Crown’s presence globally, it aims to leverage this reputation to make inroads into new markets.

Toyota’s Strategy with the Crown in the Ultra-Luxury Market

Toyota’s strategy involves elevating the Crown to compete in the ultra-luxury segment, with a target price point around US$200,000. This move places the Crown in competition with luxury European brands such as Bentley and Aston Martin. It signifies Toyota’s ambition to expand its brand presence beyond its traditional market segments.

The Evolution of the Crown: From Sedan to SUV

Historically, the Crown has been seen as a luxury vehicle in Japan, often used for official and executive transport. Toyota plans to build on this legacy by introducing the Crown SUV, which will be available in global markets including the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. This SUV iteration is a departure from the traditional sedan format, showcasing Toyota’s adaptability to changing market trends.

Manufacturing and Craftsmanship of the Crown

The production of the Crown, particularly its luxury models, involves a high level of craftsmanship. Toyota employs a team of skilled artisans for the assembly of these vehicles, ensuring a focus on quality and attention to detail. This meticulous approach to manufacturing justifies the Crown’s pricing, particularly for its high-end models.

Market Positioning and Future Prospects

With its move into the ultra-luxury segment, Toyota is not only diversifying its portfolio but also challenging existing perceptions of luxury in the automotive industry. The success of this venture could redefine the luxury car market, particularly in regions traditionally dominated by European manufacturers.

The Toyota Crown’s shift towards ultra-luxury represents a significant moment in the brand’s history, as it seeks to redefine its place in the global automotive landscape.


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