Nissan GT-R Sales Surge in 2023 Amid Model Refresh

Nissan has released its 2023 sales data, showing a delivery of 898,796 units across 22 model lines. A standout in this lineup is the Nissan GT-R, the all-wheel drive supercar, which saw a remarkable increase in sales. Last year, Nissan sold 390 GT-Rs, marking a 584-percent surge from the mere 57 units sold in 2022. …

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Good News, Everyone: The R34 GT-R Can Be Imported To The United States From Next Year

Revving into the 21st century, the automotive world witnessed a monumental event with the 1999 launch of the Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R, a true legend in the realm of Japanese performance cars. Fast forward to today, we’re perched on the brink of a pivotal chapter in Skyline lore. Thanks to the 25-year import rule, enthusiasts …

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Monster Battle Between Nissan GT-R, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX7, Honda Integra & Mitubishi GTO on Tsukuba!

The ultimate battle is here! Watch the Nissan GT-R, Toyota Supra, Honda Integra, Mazda RX7 and Mitsubishi GTO battle it out on the Tsukuba circuit. This epic event, between five Japanese car legends took place in 1996 on one of Japan’s most famous circuits. Anyone who has played Gran Turismo has probably seen something like …

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Crazy Drift Battle – 1500 HP R35 GT-R VS Toyota 86

Masato Kawabata in his RWD GT-R takes on Ken Gushi in his Toyota 86 in what may seem like the ultimate drift battle. They battle it out on the famous Hakone Hill Climb road, which was featured in our greatest driving roads.  Both cars are specially tuned and the wheels are wrapped with Toyo tires and seismic isolation rubber.