Check Out This Video Tour of the NISMO Omori Factory!

If you are a fan of Nissan and are ever in Japan, the Nissan Nismo Omori factory is a must stop. It has everything you could want from Nissan’s most famous racers and road cars, to some of their current production models. The Nismo Omori factory is the global headquarters for Nismo. It is where they make all their parts, engines, cars and accessories.  Their facility is also equipped with all the equipment needed to test & tune the cars they build & work on.

Originally, the factory wasn’t in Yokohama, but was in Tokyo. It was moved to be closer to the Nissan global headquarters. The Omori factory and the global headquarters are about a 10 minute drive from one another, so if you are in the area you may as well go to both. Check out the epic video below

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