Nissan GT-R Sales Surge in 2023 Amid Model Refresh

Nissan has released its 2023 sales data, showing a delivery of 898,796 units across 22 model lines. A standout in this lineup is the Nissan GT-R, the all-wheel drive supercar, which saw a remarkable increase in sales.

Last year, Nissan sold 390 GT-Rs, marking a 584-percent surge from the mere 57 units sold in 2022.

This significant boost is likely linked to the comprehensive update the GT-R received in January 2023. The refresh included new front and rear fascias for enhanced aerodynamic efficiency and the addition of a front limited-slip differential for the high-performance Nismo model. The introduction of the T-Spec trim merged the base powertrain with features from the Nismo, such as a widened body, upgraded suspension, and carbon-ceramic brakes. Additionally, Nissan introduced two nostalgic colors: Millennium Jade and Midnight Purple.

It’s important to note that Nissan did not produce a 2022 model year GT-R, possibly leading to a supply gap between the 2021 and 2023 models.

Despite its recent sales success, the GT-R has seen few significant changes since its debut in 2007. The 2024 model maintains approximately the same 565 horsepower output as in recent years. The interior, while updated, retains a distinct 2010s feel with its abundance of physical buttons and features like hydraulic steering—a rarity in modern high-end sports cars. The GT-R’s weight of 3,850 pounds also sets it apart, being relatively light for its class.

The Nissan GT-R has a storied history. First introduced in 2007, it quickly gained fame for its cutting-edge technology and performance capabilities. It was a leap forward in the sports car segment, combining advanced engineering with Nissan’s racing heritage. Over the years, the GT-R has undergone various updates, enhancing its performance and technology while retaining its distinctive character.

The surge in GT-R sales is particularly noteworthy considering it might be the final iteration of this iconic model. The GT-R has carved out a unique place in the automotive world with its blend of technology, performance, and distinctive style. Its departure will mark the end of an era for Nissan and the sports car landscape.


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