Best Spark Plugs for a Subaru Forester SG

If the spark plugs in your Subaru Forester SG are worn or incorrect it can lead to poor performance. Additionally, it is also important to make sure that the spark plugs are replaced at or before the recommended service interval. To help you with all of this, we have put together a short guide on … Read more

How Much Did the SW20 Toyota MR2 Cost New?

After the enormous success of the first generation MR2 which launched in 1984, Toyota had big shoes to fill with its successor. Kazutoshi Arima, the chief engineer for the Mk2 project, wanted to take the nameplate upmarket and make it more exotic. The design of the SW20 MR2 was handed over to Kunihiro Uchida who … Read more

Best Portable & Lightweight Car Jacks

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How Much Did The Nissan GT-R R32 Cost New?

After discontinuing the Skyline GT-R in the early seventies, Nissan would revive the nameplate in 1989. The third-generation GT-R would be given the chassis designation E-BNR32 (more commonly known as the R32) and it would quickly go on to make a name for itself on both the road and the racetrack. The R32 GT-R was … Read more

Lexus LS 460 & LS 600h Buyer’s Guide & History

If you are looking for luxury but want something dependable and reliable you can’t really go far wrong with the Lexus LS 460. It followed on from the massively successful LS 430/Toyota Celsior and brought Lexus up to an even greater level in the luxury car segment. In this guide we will be covering everything … Read more