Lexus LS 460 & LS 600h Buyer’s Guide & History

If you are looking for luxury but want something dependable and reliable you can’t really go far wrong with the Lexus LS 460. It followed on from the massively successful LS 430/Toyota Celsior and brought Lexus up to an even greater level in the luxury car segment. In this guide we will be covering everything … Read more

Subaru Forester SG (Second Gen) Buyer’s Guide

The Subaru Forester is a great option for those who not only want something practical and reliable, but also fun and enjoyable to drive. Subaru launched the first-generation SF model in 1997 and it proved to be dependable, comfortable and an all-round nice car to drive. However, today the SF Forester is hard to come … Read more

Third Generation Toyota MR2 Buyer’s Guide & History

Following on from the massively popular Mk2 MR2, Toyota launched the third-generation model in 1999. This new W30 MR2 would be labelled the MR-S in Japan, the MR2 Spyder in North America, and the MR2 Roadster in Europe. While the first and second-generation MR2s are arguably the most fondly remembered, the Mk3 model is still … Read more