Alfa Romeo 156 Oil and Filter Service Interval – 1997 to 2007

Replacing the oil and oil filter at or before the recommended service interval is one of the most important things you can do to help keep your Alfa Romeo 156 running as good as possible. If you don’t service your 156 properly it can lead to a whole host of different issues that could be extremely expensive to fix, so service your car!

In this guide we are going to give you the recommended engine oil and filter service intervals for all models of the Alfa Romeo 156. We will also cover some other info as well, such as the recommended oil weight and oil capacity as well.

Recommended Oil and Filter Change Intervals for an Alfa Romeo 156

Credit: Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo originally recommended a replacement interval of every 20,000 km (12,000 miles), but most experts and owners agree that an interval of every 10,000 km (6,000 miles) is much better. If the car does not get much use an interval of every 12 months is recommended.

EngineYear RangeRecommended Change Interval (KM)Recommended Change Interval (Miles)Change Interval Recommended (Time)
2.0 JTS2002-200610,000km6,000mi12 months
2.5 V61997-200610,000km6,000mi12 months
3.2 V62002-200510,000km6,000mi12 months
1.6 TS1997-200610,000km6,000mi12 months
1.8 TS1997-200610,000km6,000mi12 months
2.0 TS1997-200210,000km6,000mi12 months
2.5 Q-System2001-200610,000km6,000mi12 months
1.9 JTD1997-200210,000km6,000mi12 months
1.9 M-Jet JTD2003-200710,000km6,000mi12 months
2.4 JTD1997-200710,000km6,000mi12 months
2.4 M-Jet2003-200710,000km6,000mi12 months

What is the Engine Oil Capacity for an Alfa 156?

Credit: Alfa Romeo

The engine oil capacity differs depending on the model, so check the table below. The information provided in the table is just a guide, so we suggest that you regularly check the oil level as you are topping up the oil in your Alfa Romeo 156. This will reduce the chance of you overfilling or underfilling the engine (both can cause serious issues).

EngineYear RangeOil Capacity
2.0 JTS2002-20064.5L
2.5 V61997-20065.9L
3.2 V62002-20055.5L
1.6 TS1997-20064.5L
1.8 TS1997-20064.5L
2.0 TS1997-20024.5L
2.5 Q-System2001-20065.9L
1.9 JTD1997-20024.5L
1.9 M-Jet JTD2003-20074.2L
2.4 JTD1997-20075L
2.4 M-Jet2003-20075L

What is the Recommended Oil Weight for an Alfa 156?

Credit: Alfa Romeo

We have listed the recommended oil weights in the table below. Note: for petrol engines the oil should be synthetic and should exceed ACEA A3-96, CCMC G5 and API SJ specifications. Diesel Alfa 156s should also use synthetic oil and any oils used should exceed ACEA B3 and API CD specifications.

EngineYear RangeRecommended Oil GradeOther Oil Grade
2.0 JTS2002-200610W-6010W-40
2.5 V61997-200610W-405W-40 or 10W-60
3.2 V62002-200510W-405W-40 or 10W-60
1.6 TS1997-200610W-405W-40
1.8 TS1997-200610W-405W-40
2.0 TS1997-200210W-405W-40
2.5 Q-System2001-200610W-405W-40 or 10W-60
1.9 JTD1997-20025W-40 or 5W-300W-40
1.9 M-Jet JTD2003-20075W-40 or 5W-300W-40
2.4 JTD1997-20075W-40 or 5W-300W-40
2.4 M-Jet2003-20075W-40 or 5W-300W-40

What is the Recommended Oil Filter for an Alfa Romeo 156?

Credit: Alfa Romeo

We have listed the part number for each recommended oil filter. Other oil filters are available as well, so it is a good idea to double check the product page/listing for the filter you are purchasing to make sure it will work in your 156.

EngineYear RangeRecommended Oil Filter (Part Number)
2.0 JTS2002-200673500506 (pre-2004) & 55189961 (post-2004)
2.5 V61997-200671736159
3.2 V62002-200546805830
1.6 TS1997-200671736159
1.8 TS1997-200671736159
2.0 TS1997-200271736159
2.5 Q-System2001-200671736159
1.9 JTD1997-200246805832
1.9 M-Jet JTD2003-200746796687
2.4 JTD1997-200746805832
2.4 M-Jet2003-200746796687

The information in this article is only a guide and we recommended that you double check your vehicle’s service/handbook and with a service centre to make sure you are using the correct oil, filter, etc.


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