What is the Best Oil & Oil Filter for a Nissan 370Z?

It is always important to make sure that you carry out regular servicing on your 370Z and to make sure that it is topped up with a good quality oil. Failure to do so can reduce the life of the engine inside your Nissan 370Z and in some cases total engine failure may even occur.

In this quick guide we have put together some information on when to change the oil and oil filter in a Nissan 370Z, along with which oil and oil filter to use. Additionally, we have included some other oil related questions as well.

What Is the Correct Engine Oil Weight for a Nissan 370Z

In the section below we have put together some information on how the oil classifications system works and what all the different numbers/characters mean for your Nissan 370Z.

The letter/number combo at the front of the “XW-XX” system indicates the viscosity of the oil at – 17.8 degrees Celsius (0 degrees Fahrenheit). A lower number means that the oil will thicken less in cooler temperatures.

The two numbers at the end (XX) indicate the viscosity of the oil at 100 degrees Celsius and represent the oil’s resistance to thinning at high temperatures.

If we look at a 5W-30 vs a 10W-30 oil, we find that the former will thicken less in cooler temperatures, but they should be roughly the same at operating temperatures. Alternatively, if we take a 5W-30 and compare it to a 5W-40 we find that the 5W-30 will thin out quicker at higher temperatures.

What this means for your Nissan 370Z is that an oil with a lower winter viscosity (XW) is probably better for colder operating temperatures or environments. For those of you who are located in a really hot environment, an oil with a higher viscosity at 100 degrees Celsius may be a better option. However, this is just generalising and there are a few other things to consider as well.

What Is the Best Engine Oil for a Nissan 370Z

It is recommended that you use a good quality 5W-30 engine oil for most driving conditions for a Nissan 370Z. Some owners like to use a 0W-30 oil for cooler starts, while a 5W-40 may be better if you live in a really hot climate or do regular spirited driving.

Both non-synthetic (dino) and synthetic oils will work, however, keep in mind that if you use a non-synthetic oil it will need to be changed more regularly. Nissan does recommend using their 5W-30 Ester oil in the owner’s manual, but many Nissan dealers and service centres, along with 370Z owners use different oils. This is largely down to the fact that Nissan Ester oil is very expensive to buy and it is not actually a real ester oil.  

Our Recommendations for the Best Engine Oil for a Nissan 370Z

Below you can find some of our top recommended oils for a Nissan 370Z.

Red Line 5W-30 Full-Synthetic Ester Oil – Best Ester Oil

While Nissan does recommend their own ester oil, it is massively overpriced for the quality. A great alternative is Red Line’s Full-Synthetic 5W-30 Ester Oil that is designed to provide the highest protection, efficiency and performance.

Check it out here.

Amsoil 5W-30 Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil – Best for General Use

If you are looking for an excellent synthetic 5W-30 engine oil you really can’t go past Amsoil’s Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil. Amsoil is often regarded as one of, if not the best oil manufacturers on the market and their oils are engineered for maximum protection and performance.

Find out more here.

Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-30 – Best for Cold Weather

If you are looking for more protection during cold weather starts you can’t go wrong with Castrol’s Edge Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-30 motor oil. Castrol oil is often used by German Nissan dealers and specialists, so it will be perfect for your 370Z. This oil is a little bit more difficult to find in stock, but it is worth it if you need better cold weather protection. Many owners also recommend a 0W-30 for general use, so this is a great alternative to the oils above.

Find out more here.

Mobil 1 0W-40 Full Synthetic Motor Oil – Best for Higher Temps

If you are looking for something that performs slightly better at higher temperatures, Mobil 1’s Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-40 is a great option. It meets and exceeds the latest OEM standards and is widely used in service centres all around the world. This oil not only provides excellent high temperature protection, but also low temperature protection as well.

Check it out here.

Oil Service Interval for Nissan 370Z

Different owners will change the oil at different mileages, but it is generally recommended that the oil be replaced every 6,000 km (3,750 miles) if non-synthetic oil is used. Good quality synthetic oils should be okay up to around 14,500 km (9,000 miles), but many owners like to change the oil much earlier than this at something like 12,000 km (7,500 miles) or even less.

In some cases, really enthusiastic owners will replace synthetic oils every 6,000 km (3,750 miles), but this is not really necessary. If you do not drive your 370Z much the oil should be replaced every 6 to 12 months regardless of mileage (closer to six if non-synthetic oils are used).

For those wondering if their Nissan 370Z can go a bit further between changes, we recommend that you send the old oil off to a laboratory where its condition can be assessed. The lab will then be able to tell you if you can go further between changes or if you need to make changes more frequent.

How Much Oil is Needed for a Nissan 370Z?

The VQ37 engine in the Nissan 370Z takes around 4.9-litres or 5 1/8 quarts. We recommend that you use this figure as a general guide and then use the dipstick to make sure that the level is correct. Add more if needed as running a 370Z with too little oil can cause major problems.

Best Oil Filter for a Nissan 370Z

If you are looking for the absolute best oil filter for your Nissan 370Z we recommend the Nismo 15208-RN011 oil filter. Another great option that is more readily available is the standard Nissan oil filter with the part number of 15208-65F0E. If you are looking for an aftermarket option, this one from Purolator should do the trick.

When Should the Oil Filter Be Changed on a 370Z

It is usually recommended that you change the oil filter in a Nissan 370Z with every oil change. Oil filters are cheap to purchase and overtime the filter material can break down.

For those who want to know more about common problems with the Nissan 370Z or those interested in buying one, check out our buyer’s guide here.


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