What are the Correct Spark Plugs for a Nissan 370Z?

Spark plugs that are worn, bad or incorrect can lead to poor performance from the VQ37 engine inside your 370Z. It is important to not only make sure the spark plugs are the correct ones, but that they are also changed at or before the recommended service interval. In this guide we will give you all the information you need to know about what spark plugs to use in a 370Z and the service schedule for them.

What are Some Signs of Bad/Worn Spark Plugs?

In this section we have quickly outlined some signs that may indicate that the spark plugs in your Nissan 370Z need to be replaced.

Reduced fuel economy – Have you noticed that your Nissan 370Z is not going as far on a tank? If you do it may be down to dirty or fouled spark plugs. New spark plugs could solve your fuel consumption issue, saving you money at the pump.

Rough starts – Is your 370Z a bit rough when it starts, or does it sometimes not start at all? While your 370Z’s starting issues could be down to a whole range of different things, worn, bad or incorrect spark plugs could be the culprit. If the spark plugs in your 370Z aren’t up to scratch they won’t create enough spark to make your car start or run properly.

Reduced acceleration – Does your Nissan 370Z not pull away like it used to? If so, it may be down to dirty or fouled spark plugs which may be having a negative impact on the performance of the engine inside your car.

Rough Idle – This problem can be caused by a whole host of issues with bad spark plugs being a common cause.

Misfires – Have you noticed that your Nissan 370Z is misfiring lately? Issues with the spark plugs are a common cause of this problem.

What Are the Correct Spark Plugs for a Nissan 370Z

The OEM spark plugs are DENSO FXE24HR11 and should be perfect for your Nissan 370Z. If you are looking for a good NGK option, NGK Laser Iridium DILKAR7B11 plugs should do the trick.

Other Things to Check

While you are replacing the spark plugs it is a good idea to check the spark plug wires to make sure they are in good condition. You should also closely inspect your old spark plugs as they can tell you quite a lot of information about the health of the engine inside your Nissan 370Z. To find out more about this check out this spark plug analysis guide.

When Should the Spark Plugs Be Changed on a Nissan 370Z?

Nissan recommends that the spark plugs be replaced every 96,000 km (60,000 miles) for most 370Zs. For some non-Nismo 370Zs Nissan recommends replacing the plugs at 170,000 km (105,000 miles), however, it is generally recommended that you use the earlier service interval.


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