SOLD – Nissan President Impul 845S G50

Originally sold new in Japan, this President Impul 845S was imported into New Zealand in 2022. The car is currently located in New Zealand and is being sold by – Tim, the owner of J Cars, is a true expert on all things JDM and has a great eye for finding interesting, quirky and quality imports from Japan.

The Impul 845S was not a numbered production car but owners would have Impul Accessorize their Q45 or President to order upon purchase. They are ultra rare. At the least customers had the body kit fitted, most added a set of Impul wheels, most options were 17”. These are 18” and would be very very rare. There were other optional parts as well.

Early VIP is the next big thing in classic JDM collector cars and with prices skyrocketing there’s no better time to become a big body owner.

Current Condition

This Nissan President Impul is in exceptional condition and has travelled just 81,9000 km (50890 miles). The interior is essentially “wear” free, with no rips, stains or tears to the upholstery. All four tyres have plenty of tread and the 18-inch Impul-specific wheels are in excellent condition.


The engine is a VH45DE 4494cc Quadcam 32 Valve Chain Drive that produces 282ps (207kW) @ 6000rpm / 399NM @ 3900RPM (Paper Reading – Real life is approx. +30PS). Nissan mated the engine to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Some of the Impul specific features include Impul lowered suspension, 18-inch alloy wheels, a special spoiler and aero kit. The car also has automatic air conditioning, electric seats, massaging rear seats, a rear central control centre with champagne holders, HID headlights, and more.

This spec level and condition makes this Nissan President Impul 845S a rare beast, so get in quick.

At A Glance

President Impul 845S G50
Engine: VH45DE 4494cc Quadcam 32 Valve Chain Drive
282ps (207kW) @ 6000rpm / 399NM @ 3900RPM
4 Speed Auto
81,9000 km (50890 miles)
Electric Seats
Massaging Rear Seats
Rear Central Control Center with Champagne Holders
Automatic Air Conditioning
Impul Lowered Suspension
Impul 18” Alloys
Impul 845S Spoiler
Impul 845S Aero Kit




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