SOLD – Mazda Mazdaspeed Version II RX8 – NZ$29,705

Vehicle Location – Christchurch, New Zealand

Listing ID – 282022

Price – This Vehicle Has Sold

Mileage – 95,500 km/59,340 miles

Now is your chance to own one of the rarest Mazda’s ever made. This car is currently located in New Zealand and is being sold by – Tim, the owner of J Cars, is a true expert on all things JDM and has a great eye for finding interesting, quirky and quality imports from Japan.

We sourced this very rare 1 of 180 unit run Mazda Speed Version II RX8 from Japan. Mazda made 300 Version I’s and 180 Version II’s. Version 1’s came in Silver or Blue. Version 2’s Blue only. This example was a 4.5 grade with B grade interior and its exceptional condition makes it arguably one of the best collectors RX8s available in NZ (export available as well).

Many claim the RX8 Final run Spirit R was the most expensive and fastest of all RX8’s but this is simply not true. It is not the rarest by far, the Mazdaspeed Version II (this very vehicle), is the most exclusive RX8 Mazda created. The Spirit R was not also the most expensive RX8 ever made as the Mazdaspeed Version II came in at nearly 10k NZD more than the Spirit R. Additionally the Spirit R was detuned in an attempt to increase engine lifespan. Spirt R was 235ps vs the RX8 Type S at 250ps.

Mazdaspeed took the 250ps Type S to use as their base then enhanced it further to create the Version I and II RX8s. The power output was unstated by Mazdaspeed to avoid having to emission test or recertify the engine fitted to the car. It made no economic sense to pull a fresh engine apart to simply balance the eccentric shaft further unless they were going to make other changes as well. Many believed Mazdaspeed were lying and that porting and seal upgrades were carried out in addition to the other changes. There were rumours that the Version I and II RX8s produced as much as 280ps on private dynos in Japan. However, this has not been officially confirmed, but seat of the pants suggest it is far quicker than any Type S I have driven. 

Others claims that the Spirt R is lighter, which is also incorrect. Although improvements were made to the Spirit R, the Mazdaspeed version II is still lighter. Many comment it is a shame Mazdaspeed did not fit Recaro seats to the MS1 and MS2 versions. However, unlike the Spirit R which was designed as a high spec luxury version to try push units with declining sales, the Mazadspeed Versions were fitted with basic seats as they were intended for outright street racers who would dump the factory seats for fixed back carbon kevlar race seats and strip out the interior. Many met that fate and it would be hard to say how few are left with original interiors today.


Specs as provided by Mazda Press Release

  • Engine: 13B MSP 1308cc 6 Port Wankel Rotary. Based off the Type – S 250ps (184kW) / 8500rpm Engine. The actual power figure of the Mazda Speed Version I & II is undisclosed. Secret modifications may also have been performed by MAZDASPEED on these but not released in the sale documents.
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Manual (Much shorter throw than factory RX8’s noted)
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • MAZDASPEED Power Train Control Module (optimized for Version II tuning)
  • MAZDASPEED Fresh Air Ducting – Improved Intake efficiency
  • MAZDASPEED Exhaust System incl MAZDASPEED Hi Flow Catalyst
  • MAZDASPEED Spark Plugs – More stable combustion
  • MAZDASPEED Engine Oil Coolers – Better cooling
  • MAZDASPEED Lightened Flywheel – Increased Engine Response
  • MAZDASPEED Rebalanced Eccentric Shaft – Increased Engine Response
  • MAZDASPEED Engine Earth Kit (option) – Stabilizes Engine Performance
  • MAZDASPEED Height and Dampening Force Adjustable Suspension with Sport Spring – Sharper and Smoother Maneuverability
  • MAZDASPEED Front & Rear Strut Tower Bracing – Increased Body Stability
  • MAZDASPEED Front & Rear Stabilizer Bars – Improves Cornering Control Performance
  • MAZDASPEED Brake Pad Set – Improves Initial Performance and controllability
  • MAZDASPEED F.S.R Aero Kit – Functional
  • MAZDASPEED Rear Spoiler – Functional
  • MAZDASPEED Carbon Fiber Door Pillar Trim
  • Strato Blue Mica Colour
  • Retractable Key
  • Immobilizer
  • Water Repellant Glass
  • 3 Piece Leather Shift Knob

Current Condition

With only 95,500 km (59,340 miles) on the clock and a 4.5 grade /B grade Interior, this very special RX-8 is in immaculate. The only issue is that the passenger’s airbag cover has some cracking. This is a common fault on many RX8’s. A new cover can be sent ex Japan and installed at additional cost to the owner if so desired (contact for more on this).

Accident History

To the best of their knowledge Japanese Cars Ltd is not aware of any accident damage.

Bodywork & Paintwork Repairs

To the best of their knowledge Japanese Cars Ltd is not aware of any bodywork or paintwork repairs.


To the best of their knowledge Japanese Cars Ltd is not aware of any rust.


  • FUJITA ENGINEERING – AFFLUX Aero Mirrors (Electric and work off factory switch)
  • FUJITA ENGINEERING – FEED Rear Muffler for further power gains and better sound – Reduced back pressure, increased performance and sporty sound. Fujita rear muffler is proven min +10hp.
  • 18” Hotstuff Stitch Alloy Wheels
  • Spark Plugs / Brake Pads have been replaced since vehicle was sold New

Servicing History

Re Sinclair Rotary Specialist

  • Full Check Over
  • Service
  • New Spark Plugs
  • New Brake Pads Front and Rear
  • New Rear Brake Rotors
  • Road Test
  • New Battery Fitted

Compression test @ Approx. 200RPM

  • R1 95/109/98
  • R2 105/103/102

Good even compression for kms (Around 70 Psi is when they start to be hard starting etc.)

All recalls have been completed on time with evidence from Mazda.

Other Info

This car is not suitable for average drivers to use. It is an incredibly well set up street racer but requires someone with honed driving skills to use in every day traffic. It’s a super responsive machine with a very light flywheel and It would be a shame for someone to purchase it without the complimentary driving skills required to get the most enjoyment out of it.

Vehicle Overview

ModelMazdaspeed Version II RX8
Located inChristchurch, New Zealand
Price$30,580 NZD (Including Registration Feebate for New Zealand Purchasers)
Mileage95,500 km/59,340 miles
Kilometres/miles added during ownership50 km/31 miles
Length of ownershipFresh Import From Japan
Registered/titled in seller’s nameYes
Road legalYes
Race/track useNo
Sold by dealerYes
Export availableYes
Listing ID282022



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