What Does TRD Stand For?

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What Does TRD Stand For? Here’s What You Need To Know

TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development

TRD is Toyota’s “in house” race development/tuning arm for Toyota and Lexus cars.

Therefore, TRD is similar to Subaru’s STI or Nissan’s NISMO.

TRD has interests in both improving performance of road cars (e.g. the TRD Toyota Camry below) as well as actual motor vehicle racing.

TRD produces tuning and performance parts for various Toyota and Lexus vehicles, such as suspension, super chargers and wheels.

For example, some vehicles had TRD supercharger kits available which can be installed without voiding the factory warranty.

Here’s an example of a current TRD-optimised vehicle, the TRD Camry:

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