Are All 300ZX Twin Turbo?

The Nissan 300ZX is one of the most iconic and legendary performance cars to come out of Japan (don’t believe us, read our buyer’s guide and history for the 300ZX here).

Prices are rising on 300ZXs, and they are becoming increasingly desirable as “modern classics” (depending on your definition of modern, seeing as the first Z32 generation 300ZXs were sold in the very late 1980s … which is an awfully long time ago – before the editors of this site were born!)

In our opinion, the Nissan 300ZX is also one of the best looking production cars of all time, with unique and eye-catching styling that looks as good in 2020 as it did in 1990:

Image Credit: Go and check out RGS Performance for many performance parts for your 300ZX.

The Nissan 300ZX was also a quick car with its twin turbo VG30DETT V6 twin turbo.

Just look at this acceleration video here:

Are All 300ZX Twin Turbo?

No, not all 300ZX are twin turbo.

There were a number of 300ZX produced with the non-turbocharged VG30DE V6 engine.

This non-turbo engine produced 222 hp, and was mated to either a 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission.

The twin turbo 300ZX produced ~300hp.

We still think that a clean 300ZX non-turbo is worth a look in if you are after an interesting, appreciating Japanese classic.

There are things that can be done to increase power on a NA VG30DE engine as well (including turbocharging if so desired) but from a “classic perspective” we think that a stock, non-turbo 300ZX is still an exciting and interesting car.

Does The Nissan 300ZX Have A Single Turbo Engine?

No, there was never a factory single turbo engine option for the Z32 300ZX (the most popular shape available in the 1990s).

However, some older 300ZX from the Z31 generation did come with single turbo engines.

Is the 300ZX Naturally Aspirated?

Yes, both the Z31 and Z32 generation 300ZX were available with naturally aspirated engines, although turbocharged models were also available (and the turbo models are the more desirable ones by far).

To conclude, do all 300ZX have turbo engines? 

No – many are naturally aspirated.

Both NA and Turbo versions have 3.0 V6 engines, however.

You can find more information about the VG30DE and the substantial differences versus the turbocharged VG30DETT on the Z32 Wiki site.

Also make sure that you read our Nissan 300ZX Buyer’s Guide for more information on how to buy yourself a great example of the 300ZX – we are proud of what we reckon is one of the most comprehensive buyer guides for the 300ZX online, and we’re sure you will find it helpful in your quest to find a great example of the 300ZX (whether that be a turbo or non turbo one).

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