What Does MX-5 Stand For?

The Mazda MX-5 (or ‘Miata’ as it is known to our North American readers) is the most popular sports car of all time – and for good reason.

Combining a winning formula of good looks, great handling, and top-down fun, the MX-5 is a true icon.

But what does MX-5 stand for?

In this short edition of Car Facts, we are going to explore the meaning of MX-5.

What Is MX-5 Short For?

MX-5 stands for “Mazda Experimental Project – Number 5”.

That – of course – is a bit of a mouthful (and imagine how much those badges would cost to produce) so the name was shortened to MX-5.

This is in-keeping with the naming conventions of other Mazda cars of a similar vintage, for example RX-7 which stands for “Rotary Experimental Project – Number 7” (or words to that effect, the exact project name of Mazda cars seems to vary slightly).

Without going too much in depth into the history of the MX-5, the project stemmed from the idea of American motoring journalist Bob Hall, who in the 1970s started working on a concept for a simple, enjoyable roadster in the vein of classic British sports cars like the Lotus Elan (which were becoming an increasingly rare thing).

In the 1980s, Bob Hall wound up working for Mazda, which was the genesis of the development of the MK1 MX-5 which launched in 1989 (the full design and engineering process falling to Mazda’s expert team, with “Experimental Project Number 5” under development for much of the 1980s).


To recap, MX-5 stands for “Mazda eXperimental Project – Number 5”

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