What Does Corolla Mean?

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular and beloved cars of all time. If you’ve read our guide to the history of the Toyota Corolla, then you’ll know just how successful this car has been over many different generations.

Ask the average Joe on the street what car comes to mind if you want something affordable and reliable, and Toyota Corolla is almost always the answer.

However, despite the Corolla being a ubiquitous sight on roads across the world, many people don’t know the meaning behind the name.

In this edition of Car Facts we are going to explore what “Corolla” means on Toyota cars.

There are two conflicting origin stories for the Corolla name. We will look at both, and determine which is the most plausible/likely.

What Is The Toyota Corolla Named After?

The name “Corolla” comes from Latin and means ‘Little Crown’.

I guess you could say that the Corolla is the ‘Little Crown’ in Toyota’s lineup, being perhaps their most loved and celebrated model.

However, another explanation for the Corolla’s name actually comes from the English meaning of Corolla, which is the ring of petals around the central part of a flower.

In fact, according to some sources we found online, this floral origin story is actually the official explanation of where the Toyota Corolla’s name comes from. That being said, the “Crown” name makes more sense in the context of Toyota having several different cars named after crowns.

In this sense, the name Corolla is meant to invoke a mental impact of an attractive, compact car.

Which “naming origin story” do you prefer more? Let us know in the comments below.

Toyota Has A Thing About Crowns

If you know your Toyotas, then you’ll know that the Corolla isn’t the only “crown named” car.

In fact, Toyota produces (or has produced in the past) a few cars with names that relate to crowns in one way or another.

The best example of this is the Toyota Crown – a luxury vehicle that is generally the JDM equivalent of an equivalent Lexus (for example the Toyota Crown Athlete is the JDM version of the Lexus IS350).

Credit: Toyota

Toyota also made a car called the “Corona”, which is from the Latin for crown.

One of Toyota’s other legendary models – the Camry – doesn’t escape the Crown naming treatment either.

The name Camry is meant to derive from the Japanese word kanmuri. And guess what kanmuri translates to in English?

Maybe this is because the Camry is the king of sedans?

As you can see, Toyota has a clear track record when it comes to naming cars after crowns!

Recap – The Origins Of The Corolla Name

There are two primary “origin stories” of the Toyota Corolla name.

The first is that the car is named from the Latin for ‘Little Crown’ – which would make sense when you consider that Toyota has got form when it comes to naming other cars after crowns.

Another story is that the Corolla is named after the inner ring of petals from a flower; naming that is meant to reflect the compact and attractive design of the car.

Whatever the true origin and meaning of the Corolla name, it doesn’t change the fact that this car is a byword for reliability, economy and value-for-money.

If you want a good car, buy a Corolla – it really is that simple! While there might be more interesting and exciting cars on the market, it’s hard to argue with the success and popularity of the Corolla.

Don’t forget to check out our Toyota Corolla history & generation guide here for more information on this legendary car.


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