What Does Miata Mean? 

The Mazda MX-5/Miata is the best selling sports car of all time.

It is a legendary vehicle that has been praised by motoring pundits (and every day drivers) almost 30 years.

But what does “Miata” mean? 

There is an urban legend that Miata is actually an acronym:

“Make It A Topless Afternoon” (harking back to the convertible nature of the car).

However, there is nothing concrete to back this up.

It’s easy to see where this idea came from, as Japanese manufacturers do have a history of using acronyms to name cars.

Miata is not a Japanese word either.

So, what does Miata mean?

Miata comes from the Old German ‘miete’ for reward. It is believed that the name Miata is therefore meant to represent the “reward” that comes from driving one.

While there is no official guideline from Mazda, this is the most commonly agreed upon view of where the Miata name comes from.

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