Is The Nissan 300ZX A 4 Seater?

The Nissan 300ZX is one of the most legendary Japanese performance cars of all time, particularly the Z32 generation that was released at the end of the 1980s and ran through to the late 1990s (read our 300ZX buyer’s guide and history here for more information on this popular car if you’d like to better understand the origins of the car).

Lots of people who are looking to purchase classic performance cars like the 300ZX are interested in trying to see if there is enough everyday practicality to justify their purchase.

Although two seat cars like the Honda S2000 or Mazda MX-5 Miata are great, many want to have at least four seats in their potential purchase.

If you’re interested in the 300ZX, then you might be wondering if the Nissan 300ZX is a 4 seater?

In this edition of Car Facts we are looking at the seating options available on the Nissan 300ZX.

Is The 300ZX A 2 Seater Or A 4 Seater?

Here’s the interesting bit – the 300ZX was available as both.

However, the availability of 2 seat versus 4 seat cars (technically the 4 seater was sold as a “2+2”) depends greatly on what part of the world you’re from.

In America, the 300ZX was primarily a two seater car, and the more desirable twin turbo version was only sold – as far as our research tells us – as a two seat model.

If you wanted a 2+2 model, then you had to purchase a naturally aspirated variant.

For the Japanese Domestic Market the 300ZX was available in 2+2 seating configuration with the twin turbocharged motor. Some of these 2+2 twin turbos have since found their way outside of Japan into markets such as New Zealand and Australia:

At the time of writing, this 1990 2+2 twin turbo (automatic) 300ZX was for sale on – this is a JDM spec 300ZX brought into New Zealand as a used import. You can clearly see from the photos that this car has got some wear and tear, but it is the kind of vehicle that a passionate enthusiast might be happy to use as a base for restoration.

What is critical to bear in mind is that the additional two seats on the 2+2 model really aren’t that useful for transporting occupants. They are occasional use seats only, and any adult of even average height would quickly find themselves feeling rather uncomfortable.

However, if you fancy the idea of being able to take more than one passenger in your 300ZX, then this is the only option for you … maybe just avoid volunteering to provide transport for long road trips. Do these “rear seats” look particularly comfortable to you?

Is The 2+2 Nissan 300ZX Longer Than The 2 Seater?

One other point to note; the 2+2 and 2 seater Nissan 300ZX have different wheel base lengths and overall vehicle lengths:

  • The 2 seater has a wheelbase of 2450mm (96.5 inches) and overall length of 4305mm (169.5 inches)
  • The 2+2 has a wheelbase of 2550mm (100.4 inches) and overall length of 4520mm (178 inches)

The additional length on the 2+2 seater model is very hard to tell without having a measuring tape at the ready; the biggest giveaway is that on the 2+2 seat variant the fuel door sits behind the rear wheels.

Conclusion – Is The Nissan 300ZX A Four Seater?

The answer is “it depends”.

The 300ZX was available as a two seater, as well as a “2+2” seater (the 4 seat variant).

Depending on where you live and the market in which you are looking to buy a 300ZX, you might be more likely to see a four seater or a two seater.

In the Japanese Domestic Market, twin turbo 2+2 300ZX were more common than 2 seat 300ZX.

However, in the United States the twin turbo 300ZX was only sold (to the best of our knowledge) as a two seater with the t-top removable roof.

Therefore, if you want a 4 seater 300ZX in America you will need to compromise and accept a naturally aspirated version – not all 300ZX are twin turbo, which can come as a surprise to some.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the rear seats in a 4 seat 300ZX really aren’t that practical or useful at all. As with many 2+2 seater cars, the rear seats are very much for occasional use only, and are probably better used for storage than anything else. You certainly wouldn’t want to buy a 4 seat 300ZX as a family vehicle, for example.

If you’re thinking of buying a 300ZX, then ensure you read our full buyer’s guide and model history here. We cover both the Z31 and Z32 300ZX in this guide, and we are sure you will find it helpful.


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  1. Thanks for the info. I own a 2+2 seater .1991 model. Perfect condition.have squeezed in 4 3 passengers on long trips. Its ok as long as they are not over foot tall. .looking for a good mechanic to get it back on the road petrol pump needs changing. Im in vic australia


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