Is The Honda Integra Type R Rear Wheel Drive?

The Honda Integra Type R is one of the most legendary Japanese performance vehicles of all time.

From its famed handling prowess through to its incredible ‘VTEC just kicked in yo’ engine, the two generations of Integra Type R have developed a true cult following over the years.

But is the Integra Type R rear wheel drive?

No – both generations are front wheel drive only. In fact, to our knowledge the only rear wheel drive Type R Honda ever produced was the NSX. Both gen Integras are front wheel drive, front-engined in design.

The DC5 (second generation) Integra Type R is a well-regarded and praised car, but it is the DC2 (first generation) Integra that has been called by multiple motoring journalists and publications “the best handling front wheel drive car ever”.

No rear wheel drive Integras were ever produced – all are front wheel drive, corner munching machines that are famed for their ability to put rear wheel drive cars to shame around the race track.

Much of the success of the Integra Type R comes down to its highly focused nature. Honda went to great lengths to minimise weight, reduce drag, improve chassis rigidity and then increase power thanks to the high compression, high revving VTEC engine.

If you’re interested in buying an Integra Type R, then you can read our DC2 buyer’s guide here.


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