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Adam from Drive checks out a couple of priceless Jaguars — a one-off, V12-powered XJ13 concept car from 1966, and a 1956 D-Type racecar at the “Woodstock of vintage cars,” the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Can Honda’s complex hybrid supercar match the purity and focus of the legendary NSX R, the first Type R? DRIVETRIBE’s Editor-at-Large Jethro Bovingdon puts the pair – separated by a quarter of a century – head-to-head on track.

Six-cylinder engines have nestled within some of the greatest cars of all time, so how does the V-format compare to the in-line alternative?

This video from NextEV, the Chinese company behind the 1,341bhp Nio EP9 electric supercar, shows it taking on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The company claims a new electric car lap record of 7:05:120, blitzing the previous record of 7:22.329.

Jeremy Clarkson takes a little more detailed look on drifting in Japan, and interviews with “the drift king” Keiichi Tsuchiya, besides he takes a test ride in Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R.

Richard Hammond has taken on the challenge of learning to drift properly. Finally. Watch the concentration on Hammond’s face in this 360 video from the Michelin test track in Ladoux, France, as he takes on this challenge.

Lotus Supercar Wheelie Pass Ferrari F40 BMW Superbike Honda Fireblade Suzuki GSXR 1000

The Honda Civic EH2 Hatch is the car you should buy as your first car if you want an enthusiast’s car that also has to be your only car.

Felix Pailer’ Lancia Delta HF Integrale E1 Hillclimb Monster – Verzegnis & Nevegal 2015

Meet “The Kanjozoku”, Osaka’s underground street racing elite, those who are hard to find and even more rare to find in action. Their late night highway runs are dangerous and illegal, but their intentions go far beyond speeding.



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