2017 Nissan R35 GT-R, Hakosuka & R32 Skyline All In One Epic Video

The Nissan GT-R namesake has become somewhat of a legend in the motoring world. From the original GT-R to the latest R35 edition, Nissan has always been on top of their game.

Motor Trend has got together three GT-R’s from different era’s of the history of the brand. In this episode they bring the Nissan R35 GT-R, now in its ninth model year, to meet the two generations of GT-R that created the Godzilla legend.

First they drive a  C10 Hakosuka Skyline GT-R, the first Nissan to wear the badge. They then take a R32 Skyline GT-R out for a spin to see if it lives up to the Godzilla name.


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  1. This video has been deleted, does anyone know the reason why? And anyone able to link me to some other source for this?


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