1995 Mitsubishi FTO GPX

Thanks to Shaun from the UK for sending in some photos of his 1995 Mitsubishi FTO for our Readers’ Cars section.

This is a great looking example that has been with its current owner for about twelve years. In fact, this is Shaun’s wife’s car – he says she loves it!

If you’ve driven an FTO, it’s not hard to understand why – the Mitsubishi FTO is one of those “time warp” cars we will probably never see the likes of again – a small, stylish coupe with a 2 litre V6 engine. The odds of there being another mass produced, everyday car with a small displacement V6 are as likely as being struck by lightning while carrying a jackpot-winning lottery ticket.

GPX badge indicates this is the top MIVEC-equipped V6 model.

Here are some key points about Shaun’s great looking FTO:

  • 1995 Mitsubishi FTO GPX
  • MIVEC-equipped 2.0 V6 engine (this was the top spec engine option and makes for a fast car even by today’s standards)
  • Manual transmission
  • Light, tasteful modifications:
    • Slightly lowered
    • Torsion bars
    • Aftermarket stainless exhaust
    • Gold alloys

From the photos, this looks like it is in excellent condition (being garaged for the last six years has probably helped) and it’s nice to see it lined up with some fellow FTOs at a meetup. The dark paint and gold wheels are an attractive combo, and the shape still looks contemporary many years after the last FTO rolled off the production line.

Thanks for sending in the photos and backstory, and we wish you many more years of happy and enjoyable motoring. This is definitely the sort of car you’d want to keep hold of in our view – both for driving enjoyment and possible classic value. Here in New Zealand, FTOs are becoming increasingly tough to find – especially in good condition – and prices have gone through the roof. However, they still seem undervalued compared to the more recognisable “JDM hero” cars from the 1990s, and so represent superior buying if you have a more modest budget.

If you’d like to learn more about the Mitsubishi FTO, then check out our comprehensive FTO buyer’s guide and model history here.


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