What are the Best Spark Plugs for a Lexus LS 430?

Worn or incorrect spark plugs can lead to poor engine performance and possibly even damage, so it is important to install the right ones in your Lexus LS 430 or Toyota Celsior. To help you find the correct spark plugs for your LS 430 or Celsior, we’ve created a quick guide on the best ones and when to change them.

What are Some Signs of Bad/Worn Spark Plugs?

In the section below we have put together some signs that may indicate that the spark plugs in your Lexus LS 430 or Toyota Celsior need replacing:

Reduced fuel economy – Do you notice that your LS 430’s fuel economy is less than it used to be? If you do it may be a sign that the spark plugs are dirty or fouled. New spark plugs may be able to solve this problem, saving you money at the pump.

Rough starts – Does your Lexus or Toyota suffer from rough starts or won’t start at all on some occasions? While this issue can be caused by several different problems, bad or worn spark plugs are often the culprit. If the spark plugs are bad, they won’t be able to produce enough spark to make your car start or run properly.

Reduced acceleration – Have you noticed reduced acceleration from your LS 430 or Celsior? If so, it may be down to dirty or fouled spark plugs which are having a negative impact on performance

Rough Idle – This problem can be caused by a whole host of issues with bad spark plugs being a common cause

Misfires – Are you finding that your LS 430 or Celsior misfires? This issue is often caused by bad plugs that are not sparking correctly.

What Are the Correct Spark Plugs for an LS 430 or Celsior?

Depending on the year, Lexus/Toyota fitted the third generation LS with a couple of different spark plugs from factory. These OEM plugs were either Denso 2K20R11 Iridium Plugs or NGK IFR6A11 (NGK (4589) IFR6T-11 plugs are a close equivalent of the NGK IFR6A11 and are readily available).

Other Things to Check

While you are replacing the spark plugs it is a good idea to check the spark plug wires to make sure they are in good condition. You should also closely inspect your old spark plugs as they can tell you quite a lot of information about the health of the engine inside your Lexus LS 430 or Toyota Celsior. To find out more about this check out this spark plug analysis guide.

When Should the Spark Plugs Be Changed on an LS 430 or Celsior?

Lexus recommends replacing the spark plugs in an LS 430 or Celsior every every 200,000 km (120,000 miles). However, more than a few owners have left the replacement longer and don’t seem to have a problem with their cars.

While many owners don’t seem to have a problem leaving the same spark plugs in their car, there a quite a few reports of improved responsiveness with an early change. You can read about some owners’ experiences here.

If you you are interested in buying a Lexus LS 430 or Toyota Celsior or want to know more about any common problems the car has, read our buyer’s guide here.

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