Toyota Renews Commitment to Petrol Engines Amid EV Shift

Toyota, a dominant force in motorsports like Le Mans and the World Rally Championship, has made a significant move by renewing its commitment to petrol engines. This decision comes at a time when the global automotive industry is increasingly shifting towards electric vehicles (EVs). Akio Toyoda, the company chairman and known car enthusiast, announced this commitment, highlighting Toyota’s contrasting stance in the evolving auto market.

The announcement was made at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, an event known for its display of high-performance and modified vehicles. Here, Toyota also introduced an updated version of the Yaris GR, a model that has received personal backing from Toyoda in the past. Toyoda expressed his belief in the event’s role in promoting the Japanese automotive industry, stating, “Tokyo Auto Salon is a festival at which car lovers can surround themselves with cars and smiles.”

Toyoda’s decision is rooted in the desire to protect jobs in Japan, particularly the 5.5 million people involved in engine part production. He addressed the current challenges faced by these workers, including issues with securing bank loans, and expressed a commitment to support them.

Despite the global push for carbon neutrality, Toyota is exploring multiple paths for future mobility, not solely focusing on EVs. Toyoda mentioned Toyota’s ongoing work on hydrogen-engine technologies, including experiments with liquid hydrogen at Le Mans. He emphasized the importance of these initiatives in Toyota’s strategy for the future.

This move by Toyota underscores the company’s strategy of maintaining a diversified approach in an industry that is increasingly leaning towards electric vehicle technology. It highlights Toyota’s balance between innovation and preserving traditional automotive sectors, particularly in Japan.


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