Is This The Most Insane Markup Ever On A Nissan Z Car?

Unless you’ve been living under a very big rock for the last few years, you will no doubt have seen that car dealers are trying to get away with charging in many instances exorbitant markups on cars. 

Here is a contender for one of the most ridiculous. 

A Nissan Z enthusiast group on Facebook highlighted a dealer in El Monte, California, posting a new $68,500 Z Nismo with a staggering $89,995 markup.

Have we reached peak markup insanity?

The audacious total? $158,495. That’s Porsche 911 GTS territory – a car you can snag with a manual transmission, and which is almost universally considered to be better.

The comparison begs the question: would one splurge Porsche money on a Z Nismo (especially considering the reception for the new Z has been somewhat lukewarm)

This may sound like fiction, but upon contacting the dealership, The Drive found the markup was real. However, the dealer remains open to offers, hinting at the sky-high price’s absurdity. They’re likely fishing for an overzealous buyer, but a reality check is likely around the corner, or at least we hope. 

Here’s the twist: this same dealership allegedly refused a $40,000 markup offer made my a member of that Nissan Z Facebook group, so they must be fairly serious about trying to get their full asking price.

Here is the original poster from the Facebook group, stating that a still absurd offer had been made and rejected. Read the full post here: 

If someone shells out close to $160,000 for this $68,000 car, they’re in for some friendly mockery from the Z community. Truly getting into the “more dollars than sense” territory here. 

Garage Dreams verdict? Hold onto your wallets and let’s see where this pricing roller coaster lands … or go out and buy yourself a mint condition example of a 300ZX, 350Z and probably a 370Z as well for the same money, and have more fun and a greater chance for future value appreciation. 


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