This Ultra-Rare Nissan Skyline GT-R Could Sell For 7 Figures At Auction

Imagine a rare beast of a car – the kind only whispered about in hushed, reverent tones by automotive aficionados.

Nestled in Melbourne, a unique R34-generation Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Tommykaira R-Z, swathed in sleek black, awaits its auction fate.

With a modest 46,000 kilometres beneath its belt, this machine isn’t just any car; it’s a mythical creature, the only one of its kind in existence.

Tommykaira, the eminent Japanese tuning house, had the distinct honour of rebranding this Skyline under its esteemed name.

Cameron Male of the Japanese Domestic Market Club offers some insight into the car’s rich legacy: “Tommykaira built race cars then homologated them for road use – a feat we don’t see anymore. Tragically, after birthing this masterpiece, they closed their doors forever.”

Owing to its silver screen appearances and videogame cameos, the GTR has amassed a cult following. Highlighting its value, a 1998 GTR Nismo recently fetched an astonishing $1.3 million in England. This sets the stage for the Tommykaira’s potential seven-figure destiny.

Lee Hallett of contemplates its worldwide appeal: “The car has boundless potential. We’ve watched cars transcend borders, with the American market showing an especially fervent passion for these gems.”

Mark your calendars: this automotive unicorn will be up for grabs on October 24th, with the auction spanning a thrilling seven days. Don’t blink; you might just miss a piece of motoring history.

Story source: 9News Australia


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