Carjackers Stumped By Manual Mustang

Car alarms are one way of keeping your car safe, but they probably won’t help if you are getting carjacked by some hooligan. Not only is the old three pedals and stick shift great fun, but it’s fast becoming a new security feature as carjacker, Damari Wayne found out. reports that Damari Wayne, 18, is suspected of having tried to steal three cars between Feb. 11 and Feb. 21. While his first two seemed successful, the young lad was stumped when he came up against the mighty manual gearbox, even with the help of the car owner. Wayne and his buddy couldn’t figure out how to drive a manual transmission, and forced the owner at gunpoint to give them a quick lesson. Despite this they just couldn’t get it and bailed.
According to, “The 17-year-old got in the driver’s seat, but couldn’t drive a stick shift. The teen pointed the gun at the [Mustang owner] while the man tried to explain how use the gears, according to court records.”
Once the the two teens got fed up with their inability to drive, they away to a nearby train station and onto a train after relieving the Mustang owner of his phone. Police managed to trace the car owners phone, then contact the Rapid Transit Authority to lock the train doors so they were trapped. The pair was then arrested and the officers found the toy gun used in the failed carjacking. The Mustang owner’s phone and keys to both vehicles stolen earlier that day were also found. All up, a pretty good result for the boy’s in blue.
Just remember guys, if you are thinking about a career in carjacking, make sure to learn how to drive stick first.



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