Is This 2002 Toyota Supra RZ the Perfect Import?

The fourth generation Toyota Supra is fast becoming a classic and now is your chance to own what appears to be an absolute minter. At 6,500,000 yen (US$58,000) this Supra RZ certainly isn’t cheap, but it also isn’t as expensive as some of the other fourth generation cars we’ve seen sell (this 1994 Toyota Supra sold for $121,000).

The Supra is currently located in Yamanashi Japan and has travelled just over 50,000 miles. While details on the car are pretty light, it all looks standard apart from the toy shark and the ‘safety drive’ towel in the footwell (we would want those included).

According to the listing, the Supra features a manual transmission, has not been repaired and is relaxable (whatever that means). It comes in red, and both the interior and the exterior look in absolute tip-top condition. If you are looking for the perfect Toyota Supra this could be it.

However, you will have to import it (don’t forget that some countries have import restrictions on cars under a certain age) and pay all the associated costs with doing so.

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The History of the Toyota Supra Mk4

Toyota had already had great success with their previous generations of the Supra, but the fourth generation would need to be on another level. The Mk4 Supra’s design was a bold move for Toyota and the car’s smooth flowing bodywork took inspiration from the much loved 2000GT of the sixties.

Compared to the third generation Supra, the Mk4 was not only shorter, but also lower and wider. It was also 100kg lighter and more powerful thanks to Toyota’s updated 3.0-litre JZ-series engine. Engine power came in at anywhere from 220 horsepower to 326 horsepower (depending on whether it was turbocharged or not) and the car could go from 0-100km/h (62mph) in under five seconds.

The Mk4 Toyota Supra was made famous when it appeared in the 2001 film ‘The Fast and the Furious’. It also competed in various motorsport events across the world.

By the turn of the millennium, sales of sports cars like the Supra Mk4 were declining rapidly in North America. The Supra would be discontinued in 1998 in the United States market and production would eventually stop all together in 2002, due to restrictive emissions standards.

The Supra name would be shelved until the fifth generation Toyota Supra was launched at the North American International Auto Show in January 2019.

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