Got A Spare $555k? This “Brand New” Skyline GT-R M SPEC Nur Is Calling Your Name

We recently posted about an incredible condition, low mileage Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R available at JDM Expo – you can read about it here.

JDM Expo have done it again, this time with an even lower mileage 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R M SPEC Nur with only 631 verified kilometres on the clock (that’s a shade over 392 miles).

So fresh, so clean, so expensive.

This car is in what appears to be incredible “brand new” (can you really call a 20 year old car brand new?) condition, with what most dealers would be happy to call delivery KMs.

Legitimate delivery KMs on this incredible beast.

The car is totally stock, with no modifications … just the way the masters at Nissan intended.

The only catch?

You’ll need a bank balance as big as the performance of this GT-R in order to buy.

This rare, late model Skyline is listed for sale for a whopping $555,000 USD.

Perfection, at a price.

In our article on the R34 GT-R cost when new, we showed that the new cost (in 2020 USD) for a GT-R M SPEC Nur was $81,929 (call it $85k with all of the inflation that seems to be going on these days).

Not a bad return on investment then for whoever bought this car new.

You can check out JDM Expo’s listing here – and if your wallet is feeling sufficiently chunky, inquire about buying and importing the car.

Once again, this example will almost surely end up in a collection somewhere.

While it’s great to see these cars preserved as they really are “relics” of a now bygone era, it is also sad to think that it will probably never tear up a track or mountain pass in anger.

What do you think of this car? If you had the money, would you be tempted to buy? Would you drive it or store it? Feel free to leave a comment below. You might also like to read our guide on why the Nissan Skyline was illegal in the USA when it was sold – this will help you to understand why the prices on these cars are so high.



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5 thoughts on “Got A Spare $555k? This “Brand New” Skyline GT-R M SPEC Nur Is Calling Your Name”

  1. They paid ¥37million for it at auction in Japan at the end of 2020, which is around $350,000USD.

    So they were the highest bidder meaning nobody else wanted to pay a cent more for it. So it’s worth less than that because nobody would pay anymore.

    So that $550,000 price tag is just pulled out of where the sun don’t shine frankly.

    • Fair comment.

      What’s interesting is that this car does appear to have sold (according to the listing) of course we don’t know what it sold for … or if that is a genuine sale anyway.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. If I had the readies I would buy this car and use it every minute possible! I consider these cars to be the ultimate drivers car! Incidentally I am approaching my 77th birthday but believe me it would be driven hard! It would be maintained as if it cost twice the asking price.!! Just to point out that even at my advanced years we still have dreams! DREAM ON!!!

    • Thanks for the comment Rod, great to see such passion for these cars (and we think you’re right that it should be driven, enjoyed and maintained).


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