SOLD – 1996 Volvo 940 Polar – 227,112km/141,120 miles – NZ$4,250

Vehicle Location – Christchurch, New Zealand

Listing ID: 00032022

Price: SOLD for NZ$4,250

Up for sale we have a rare & collectable Volvo 940 Polar Station Wagon. An excellent example from Volvo’s halcyon days of angular design it was brought in to New Zealand by an enthusiast who looked after it very carefully. Events eventually required him to sell and we purchased the Volvo in late 2016.

Even today the Volvo 940 remains a wonderful vehicle to drive with generous passenger space and huge luggage capacity. These station wagons are particularly good for dogs because lift the tailgate and the entry point is low. So getting them in and out is easier than with many other options such as SUVs. Hounds also love the panoramic windows. This particular example even comes with a bespoke ‘dog-guard’ which can be folded up & down as required.

Current Condition

Overall the vehicle has been very well maintained with a few key things having been done in more recent times: 1) Removal, machining, & re-fitting of exhaust manifold. We had this done at Archibalds in Christchurch. 2) The steering rack was rebuilt following a WOF failure. 3) Transmission gasket replaced. The car has a folder of receipts for work done and items purchased. As far as we can tell the next cambelt renewal is due at 255,000kms. Those interested in the vehicle can do their own research – cursory internet checking suggests the engine benefits from being ‘non-interference’. A lot of spares are included.

We are only selling the Volvo because it is no longer needed and its just sitting there awaiting a fresh owner. A new car has made it redundant. Obviously with a vehicle of this age it has to be offered on a strictly: ‘as is where is basis’ but we think viewing will impress. The only obvious fault is that some ‘weeping’ from the automatic transmission continues. We have been advised that a replacement ‘O Ring’ is now required to compliment the new gasket – placement is apparently straightforward. We would be happy for anyone seriously interested to validate this with their mechanic.


No rust apart from some surface corrosion on the towbar.

Other Info

This car comes with a range of spares including rims, oil filters, interior fabric and more.

Vehicle Overview

Model940 Polar
Located inChristchurch, New Zealand
Mileage227,112 km/141,120 miles
Kilometres/miles added during ownershipAround 40,000 km (25,000 miles)
Length of ownership6 years
Registered/titled in seller’s nameYes
Road legalYes
Race/track useNo
Sold by dealerNo
Export availableNo
Listing ID00032022



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