SOLD NZ$16,990 – 1992 Toyota Celsior C Type – 67,400 km/41,880 miles

Vehicle Location – Christchurch, New Zealand

Listing ID: 00012022

Originally sold new in Japan, this Toyota Celsior was imported into New Zealand in 2022. The car is currently located in New Zealand and has been sold by – Tim, the owner of J Cars, is a true expert on all things JDM and has a great eye for finding interesting, quirky and quality imports from Japan.

This Toyota Celsior is a facelift 1st generation C Type. The C Type came factory with Toyota Modulated Air Suspension. It was a 1 owner car in Japan for almost 30 years. The original owner ordered the car from the factory in Dark Green M.I.O Toning G, this is a manufactures only option colour. In other words production run cars were not painted in the colour scheme and it was only done at request for additional cost.

It is a very rare colour comparative to the standard range and only one other special option was available on the gen 1 Celsior at different times during the production cycle. It was specified with cloth interior which was more desirable in Japan at the time and has the advantage of wearing well over decades comparative to leather. Japanese Cars picked this up in Japan recently and then exported it to New Zealand where it currently resides.

Current Condition

The vehicle presents in excellent to near concourse condition. It would be considered a 4.2/B Japan grading. The only fault is the factory radio amplifier is non operational. Options to be discussed around audio with the buyer if a amplifier cannot be sourced.

Accident History

This vehicle has no accident history

Bodywork & Paintwork Repairs

The vehicle has had minor bodywork adjustments and paint for the fitment of the wheels.


No rust.


The 30 year old air suspension although working was showing the start signs of deterioration. This was letting the vehicle down in terms of handling. We made the decision to remove it and fit brand new BC Racing Gold Adjustable Suspension. This set up is mild with 100mm ground clearance so it is suitable for general use. Dampers and spring rates are soft and the ride quality is retained whilst vastly improving handling for modern day motoring. This sets off the showpiece 20x F-8.5j & R-9.5j WORK LS406 Wheels. The windows have been tinted with a 35% film to protect the interior from UV damage and to compliment the mild VIP build. The tinting was done professionally and correctly which on a 1st gen Celsior is an incredibly complex task.

Servicing History

Recent full service, Fluids & Filters using all Genuine Toyota Parts including Toyota oil tins EX Japan.

The vehicle had regular service history, oil changes, fluids, AT fluids, filters, maintenance etc. The timing belt kit was recently changed. We had to hand the service history back to the owner in Japan on request after purchase due to privacy laws.

Other Info

Can export to other countries.

Vehicle Overview

ModelCelsior C Type
Located inChristchurch, New Zealand
Mileage67,400 km/41,880 miles
Kilometres/miles added during ownershipN/A
Length of ownershipN/A
Registered/titled in seller’s nameYes
Road legalYes
Race/track useNo
Sold by dealerYes
Export availableYes
Listing IDID00012022



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