Is The Honda Civic Type R AWD?

The Honda Civic Type R is – in our humble opinion – one of the greatest cars to ever come from the Land of the Rising Sun (in fact, we like every generation of the Civic type R).

While the new model may be divisive in terms of its looks, nobody can seriously argue against its performance credentials.

Just take a look at this video of the new 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited setting a track lap record at Suzuka:

Even the “regular” Civic Type R is a crazy performer, and able to go around the corners like you wouldn’t believe.

So, is the Honda Civic Type R AWD?

After all, how could anything else grip so well?

Well you had best believe otherwise, because the Honda Civic Type R is now AWD but in fact FWD (front wheel drive).

Honda have famously been at the leading edge of front wheel drive performance (the only notable examples we can think of being the NSX and the S2000, which are rear wheel drive).

All generations of the Civic Type R have been front wheel drive, and we hope that Honda continues to innovative and push the envelope with what is possible in terms of front wheel drive performance.

Make sure you check out our Honda Civic Type R buyer’s guides for more information on finding and buying your own Type R.

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