Our Latest Video Is Here – Discover The History Of The Lotus 72

The Lotus 72 is one of the greatest cars in motorsport history (and arguably one of the most important Formula One cars of all time).

The Lotus 72 was a pioneering car that ruled the tracks for a number of years, and the latest Garage Dreams YouTube “mini-documentary” goes into detail on the history of the Lotus 72.

We published an article on this topic a while back, and based on feedback decided to turn this into our newest YouTube video.

Watch the video below, or click here to watch on YouTube.com (we recommend watching directly on YouTube).

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As you’ll be able to tell from the channel, we don’t upload anywhere near as often to YouTube as we do to this website. This is because what we do on YouTube is very different to what we do on the main Garage Dreams website. With YouTube, our objective is to create the best short documentaries on important race cars and other vehicles throughout motorsport history. All the 3D and 2D animation is done independently by Ben (the founder of Garage Dreams and author of our buyer guides) and it is a painstaking process to say the least.

Realistically, we will never be one of those channels uploading a dozen videos a month.

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We hope you enjoy the latest video!

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