Export Wet Look Tyre Shine Review

When it comes to making your car look clean and presentable, it’s often the little details that add up to make a big impression. In this Export Wet Look Tyre Shine review, I’ll talk you through my experience with this popular tyre shine/black product.

One example of where minor details make a big impression is your car’s tyres (or tires, if you prefer that spelling).

Having dirty wheels is a clear no-no, but many people don’t bother to do much to make their tyres look nice.

However, those of us in the know are well aware that a “wet look” on your tyres can make a huge different to how your car looks.

Unless you live in Outer Mongolia, chances are you’ll be able to get your hands on some kind of affordable tyre shine/wet look product.

Here in New Zealand, one of the more popular and affordable products for “DIY” detailers is ‘Australian Export Wet Look Aerosol Tyre Shine’ … what a mouthful. As the name suggests, this product also seems to be popular in Australia (probably because it is sold in the Supercheap Auto chain of stores, which are big in Australia and now New Zealand).

What’s interesting here is that the product is made by an Australian company called MMP Industrial, who produce a whole bunch of different chemical/aerosol products, some of which are sold under their own brands (like ‘Australian Export’) and they also do contract manufacturing. In theory, Australian Export should be available in more than just Supercheap Auto stores – there is a specific page for it on the MMP Industrial site, which indicates that it can probably be purchased by other stockists (https://www.mmpindustrial.com.au/australian-export/product/284-export-tyre-shine-400gm) but I’ve only ever seen it for sale at Supercheap Auto – apart from some sketchy looking online retailers.

Anyway, “business” aside, what is this product like?

As it’s a simple product, this wont’ be a particularly detailed review. However, I have been using Export Wet Look Tyre Shine for a while now, so felt I should share my experiences.

Is It Affordable?

Yes. In fact, I’d say this has to be the cheapest “wet look” tyre product on the market in Australia/NZ (if someone else knows of anything better value, please comment below).

At current pricing, the closest equivalent – CRC’s ‘Wet Look’ spray – is a few dollars more expensive. However, the CRC Wet Look can is larger. I can’t be bothered doing the exact maths to work out which represents better value. Considering that you’re likely to buy one can and have it sit around in your garage for months (unless you do a lot of detailing) I’d just buy this product as the up front cost is cheaper … then you can take the few dollars saved and go buy a coffee or something.

Whichever way you look at it, this product is superb value for money. You don’t need to be rolling in cash to be able to buy this.

Does It Work?

Yes, it works. It works very well, in fact (when you consider the price).

All you need to do is spray it on to clean, dry tyres. Wipe off any overspray, e.g. what might get on to the wheels themselves, and you are good to go. Your car tyres will look slick and shiny, and the difference is immediately noticeable.

As long as you don’t do something crazy like point the can in the wrong direction, you really can’t go wrong here.

In my experience, the “wet look” lasts very well for a week or so, and then deteriorates from there. After three to four weeks, you’ll be ready to apply again.

One other thing to note is that you can use this product on other bits of exterior trim to rejuvenate them, e.g. bumpers and louvres.

What’s Not To Like?

Considering the price, there isn’t much I don’t like about this product.

The main issues are as follows:

  • It isn’t as effective or as long-lasting as gel/liquid-type products. For example, some brands (like Meguiar’s) sell gel-based products that you apply to the tyres. These are typically what professional detailers use, and the results are superior both in terms of finish and longevity. However, they are more expensive and also more of a pain to use. For the average car enthusiast, an aerosol/spray product will suffice.
  • Silicon sprays can potentially damage tyre rubber. This is one thing to note about any non-water based tyre shine product; repeated use could lead to deterioration of the tyre rubber. Realistically, most of us will use our cars enough that we wear out the tyres from road use before any meaningful damage occurs. However, if you have some kind of rare classic that sits in a garage, you might want to be wary of this.
  • Health/safety risks. All aerosol products of this nature are a fire and explosion risk, so be careful how you store your can. This stuff also stinks, and you don’t want to get it on your skin or in your eyes. I’d recommend wearing gloves and safety goggles when using it, and do not apply it in an enclosed area with poor ventilation.

Export Wet Look Tyre Shine – Review Conclusion

If you want an inexpensive, easy-to-use “wet look” tyre product, then this one from ‘Australian Export’ is a good choice – at least for those living in Australia and New Zealand who can get their hands on it.

It’s affordable and effective, and for the price you pay you really can’t complain.

It isn’t the best product out there – if you want to take a more professional approach to detailing your tyres, then you’ll want to use a gel or liquid product – but for a simple spray on it works well … in my experience just as well as better name brand products (like CRC’s equivalent) that cost more.

I must admit that I haven’t ever been into an Australian Supercheap Auto store, but at my local SCA here in NZ they typically have cans of this stuff stacked to the rafters, sometimes for as low as $5 a can on special.

Unless you are a truly fastidious detailer, or you detail cars for a living, you probably don’t need anything better than this. It really does do what it says on the tin, and does it for an insanely cheap price. You can’t even get a burger and fries from Maccas for the price of this stuff on special.

So next time you’re in Supercheap Auto and you’ve got some spare change, pick up a can or two to make your tyres look better when you clean your car. While this isn’t a perfect product, when you consider the dirt cheap price tag and how easy it is to use, it is well worth it.

What do you think of this product? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to check out our other product reviews as well, from tools for serious enthusiasts such as the best coating thickness gauges, through to car detailing products.


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