Why Is The VW Golf Named Golf?

The Volkswagen Golf is one of he most popular cars of all time, now spanning eight generations. With its roots as a humble family hatchback, millions worldwide have enjoyed the excellent blend of economy, practicality and performance that the Golf has provided since its release. The VW Golf GTI is a particularly popular variant, and … Read more

Is A Classic Car Right For You?

Buying a classic car is one of those things that many of us aspire to in life. While there is undoubtedly appeal in having the “latest and greatest” in terms of cars, there is also something special about continuing to maintain and use an older car, the way the maker intended. No matter how good … Read more

What Are Test Pipes On The 350Z?

The Nissan 350Z (also known as the Fairlady Z if looking at the Japanese Domestic Market/JDM version) is one of our favorite Japanese sports cars of all time. Considering how much Japanese ‘hero cars’ have shot up in price in recent years, the 350Z still offers excellent value for money and is part of that … Read more

Does Car Wax Expire?

Keeping your car clean and in “tip top” condition is something that many of us enjoy. While there is a bit of a spectrum when it comes to car cleanliness (ranging from ‘I never clean my car’ through to the truly obsessed detailing enthusiast community) most of us know that waxing your car periodically is … Read more

How Much Did the First Gen Subaru WRX Cost New?

One of the most iconic Japanese sports cars of the nineties (and arguably of all time) is the first generation Subaru Impreza WRX. The “WRX” in the name stands for “World Rally eXperimental” and the first version of the car was introduced in 1992. As the name suggests, the WRX featured rally inspired technology, including … Read more