SOLD: 1990 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Twincam 24 – 98,500 km

Vehicle Location – Christchurch, New Zealand

Listing ID: 022023

Price: SOLD

Mileage: 98,500 km/61,205 miles

The S130 Series was the last Toyota Crown to come factory with a manual transmission. This GS131 Royal Saloon Twincam24 narrow body for sale was the top trim grade available with stick shift and are incredibly rare to find. Featuring Toyota’s famous high revving small capacity 2L Twincam Straight 6 1G-GE engine the Royal Saloon Twincam24 is a sort after base for Japanese Kyusha builds. Very rare for the narrow body line up is the deep blue velour interior option this example is dressed in, completed with half lace seat cover option with Crown and Sakura detailing. Unlike the typical beige interior models the blue interior option comes with specific blue tinted glass. All OE glass remains in this example including the front screen. The grey paint also features a slight blue tint unlike the bronze interior option making this a blue interior specific body color. This example has travelled only 61250miles and has been kept in near concourse condition by its first owner in Japan.

This vehicle was purchased, imported and then custom built as Jcars New Zealand Shop Demo. The build is very simple and clean with upgrades to improve the drivability, enjoyment and reliability. Handling has been improved with custom rebuilt steering arms and inner and outer rack ends. The steering feedback is far more responsive and a credit to the engineering that took place at HBI in NZ. A Full Genuine Toyota Timing Belt Kit complete with tensioner, idler, seals etc. has just been installed. Every oil seal in the motor including rear main and often overlooked items such as dipstick, distributor seals, cam cover bolt seals have been replaced. A Fresh Exedy Clutch Kit was installed at the same time.

The original airbox and intake comes with the vehicle but has been replaced with a custom intake to make the most of the symphony of noises the 1G-GE produces. When you hear it likely you will have no desire whatsoever to reinstate the factory airbox. Full Servicing with replacement of all fluids has taken place, genuine fluids were used with exception of Redline Oil for the Gear box which is superior.

The suspension has been lowered with the fitment of down suspension springs. Rare period 15 inch Work E-Wing mesh wheels fitted with new tires have been recondition, again with a slight blue tint for the center mesh to reinforce the theme.

The decision to leave the exhaust system stock for now to be built to the next owners specs has been made. This because we would have a preference for stainless and straight pipes which would seriously narrow down the markets in which the car could be legally driven in.

The interior speaks for itself and only required small touches to top it off like the period 325mm Nardi Torino Mahogany Wood Steering Wheel – a 80’s sizing. A Jet Inoue Under Water Flower Shift Knob thoughtfully ties in with the Sakura accented half lace seat covers. A genuine period Tsuriwaka (Japanese Train Handle) removed the old fashioned way before they became a world trend with fake produced items hangs on the rear driver’s side.

We have sold a lot of rare stand out cars but nothing can even come close to the attention this car gets on the roads. Unlike pure performance cars that get attention from car enthusiasts, this car has everyone striking up conversations of appreciation, something that would bound to change tone with a set of straight pipes… But for most owners that would be a hard modification to resist.

We are moving our warehouse to Japan to offer a selection vehicles on a global market platform so this vehicle is only for sale as a final wave goodbye to New Zealand based stock holding. However, the sale is not limited to the New Zealand market as it is exportable to USA, Canada, UK and elsewhere and we can easily arrange this so if you are interested please talk to us about shipping options to your home country. If it remains unsold we will be returning this Crown to Japan with our operation to have on display at which point our interest in letting it go will cease.

Specs Overview

  • 1G-GE 1988cc Twincam 24 Valve
  • 5 Speed W55 Manual Transmission
  • Facelift Model (Kouki)
  • Analog Dash
  • Manual Front Seats
  • Rear Manual Seat Recline
  • Blue Interior (Rare Narrow Body Hardtop)
  • Full Lace Half Seat Cover Set Option
  • Blue Glass
  • Yellow Fog lights
  • Factory Monsoon Option
  • Factory Front Lower Lip Spoiler Option
  • Factory Boot Protector Option
  • 325mm Nardi Torino Wood Steering Wheel
  • Jet Inoue Underwater Flower Shift Knob
  • Dream Pearl
  • Real Tsurikawa Picked off a Japanese train the old fashioned way
  • Lowered Suspension
  • Modified Custom Air Intake
  • Fresh Genuine Timing Belt, Tensioners, Idlers and all new cam and crank seals
  • All other engine seals done including rear main, rocker covers, rocker bolt seals, dizzy seal, dipstick seal etc.
  • Serviced with Genuine Parts / fluids
  • Steering Arms fully reconditioned
  • New inner and outer rack ends
  • WOF and Registration (NZ legal)

All done and ready to enjoy or add your choice of exhaust system + extractors and your done.

The Original Suspension Springs, Steering Wheel, Shift Knob and Air intake are supplied with the vehicle.

Vehicle Overview

ModelCrown Royal Saloon Twincam 24
Located inChristchurch, New Zealand
Mileage98,500 km/61,205 miles
Length of ownershipSince 11/2000
Listing ID022023
Sold by dealerYes
Export availableYes


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