Ultra-Rare Mitsubishi Evo VI Extreme Up For Sale

In the world of Mitsubishi enthusiasts, the Tommi Makinen Edition (TME) holds a revered status, often hailed as the pinnacle of the Evo series. Known for its rally heritage, rarity, striking aesthetics, and a wave of Gran Turismo nostalgia, the TME is a dream for many. It’s no surprise that ardent fans are willing to pay top dollar for this gem, which symbolizes Mitsubishi’s era of dominance in the World Rally Championship (WRC).

However, for those seeking the absolute zenith of the IV-VI generation Evos, the TME, despite its fame, isn’t the ultimate expression. It’s neither the fastest nor the rarest, and its rally connection, while strong, isn’t the deepest. Enter the Mitsubishi Evo VI Extreme, a model that represents the peak of this legendary series.

Developed in collaboration with Ralliart UK, Mitsubishi’s British-based motorsport partner during its WRC tenure, the Evo VI Extreme is a rare beast. Only 26 of these track-optimized, limited edition saloons were produced, each commanding a staggering price of £42,000 back in 1999. That’s about USD $56,000 at the time of writing, significantly more than the competing Prodrive’s Impreza P1.

The Extreme wasn’t just a name; it was a statement. Ralliart UK endowed it with a myriad of competition-grade enhancements, essentially making it a road-legal rally warrior. The car’s engine was a powerhouse, fitted with forged pistons, new connecting rods, high-lift cams, and upgraded turbocharger components, culminating in an impressive 380hp output. This figure not only eclipsed the TME by 100hp but also surpassed Makinen’s own rally car in terms of raw power.

The car’s chassis was equally formidable, featuring a limited-slip differential, a quicker steering rack, and AP Racing brakes. This specific model, a 1999-registered car with 54,595 miles, takes it up a notch with electronically adjustable Tein suspension, Cusco Racing strut braces, and a suite of sophisticated control systems. Even the interior screams ‘rally’, with harnesses, upgraded Recaro seats, and the iconic two-tone body kit and Ralliart side stickers adding to its allure.

But perhaps the most coveted feature is the plaque on the dashboard, signed by Tommi Makinen himself, marking this vehicle as number 20 out of the exclusive 26. Priced at £49,989 (approximately USD $67,000), this Evo VI Extreme is not just an alternative to the TME; it stands as possibly the rarest Mitsubishi Evo ever made, overshadowing even the famed Makinen Edition in exclusivity and performance.

In the grand theatre of Mitsubishi’s rally legacy, the Evo VI Extreme is not just a car; it’s a monumental chapter, a testament to the zenith of automotive engineering and a tribute to the golden age of rally sports.

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